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I believe our irrevocable Rights come from our Creator not the government. Zero exceptions. Zero excuses.

Pillars of Leadership

Humility & Integrity

Pride and power seem to motivate our government. We need humble leaders who do the will of the people with the utmost Integrity and I pledge to defend, protect, and preserve our rights that have been endowed to us by our Creator.

Honor & Civility

Building a culture of honor and civility will ensure we sustain nations we know and love. Treating everyone with dignity and respect is a value I incorporate through everything that I administrate.


Every great leader is first and always a servant to others. A great leader equips others to be greater than themselves.

Defense & Protection of Our Children

Parental Rights, School Choice, Hyper-Sexualization & Grooming of Our Children, Stop Trans Agenda, Stop Drag Shows, Prevention of any loop holes for drag theatrical performances for minors, human trafficking, stiffer penalties for those who harm our children.

Religious Freedom, Medical Freedom

No mandates. I have the reputation leading to this campaign that I have been 100% against all mandates and government shutting our churches, our businesses, economy, our schools, and our country.

Government Accountability: Commerce, Economy

We must not allow the lobby to influence how and where our money is funneled. Instead, the Constitutions (State & Federal) and God should be our Moral compass.

In The News


Escaping the Chains of Silence: Rescuing Innocence from the Shadows of Human Trafficking's Digital Abyss

By: Lynz Piper-Loomis | Source: Lynz Piper-Loomis

Dive into the harrowing depths of our digital reality, where META/Instagram's dark secrets intertwine with the sinister world of human trafficking. Uncover the urgent quest to rescue innocence ensnared in the silent shadows, as this exposé unearths the chilling truth that demands our collective action.

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BREAKING: Christians Protest Iowa Satanic Temple Erects Display in State Capitol

By: American Faith | Source: American Faith

Iowa Satanists erected a display of Baphomet at the state capitol, prompting widespread criticism among Christians.

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Facebook, Instagram expose underage users to sex predators, porn, New Mexico AG claims

By: Thomas Barrabi | Source: New York Post

Underage Facebook and Instagram users are exposed to adult sex content and disturbing messages from alleged child predators — including “pictures and videos of genitalia” and six-figure offers to star in porn movies, according to a bombshell civil lawsuit filed by the New Mexico attorney general’s office.

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Sick: Democrat Pennsylvania School Board President Sworn On Stack of Books That Includes Sexually Explicit Material Depicting Naked Teenage Boys

By: Margaret Flavin | Source: Gateway Pundit

FLAMER IS IN CHARLESTON COUNTY SCHOOL LIBRARIES!!!! On December 4, Democrat Karen Smith was sworn in as the new school board president in Central Bucks, Pennsylvania.

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Organ traffickers prey on migrants seeking U.S.; kidnappers find lucrative market for juveniles

By: Stephen Dinan | Source: The Washington Times

The market for illegally trafficked human organs such as kidneys, livers and lungs is small but growing — and at least some of the supply appears to be provided by traffickers who target migrants trying to reach the U.S.

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Florida GOP Chair, Whose Wife Co-Founded Moms for Liberty, Accused of Sexual Assault amid Ménage à Trois Scandal

By: Virginia Chamlee | Source: People

The Sarasota County Police Department confirms to PEOPLE that there is an active investigation into Christian Ziegler

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Meet Lynz

Lynz is a wife, mother, author, survivor-turned-overcomer of paid child rape, visionary coach specializing in crisis, trauma, and breakthrough transformation, and strategic consultant for governments and businesses worldwide. Above all, Lynz as a doer – an Actionivist. With an unwavering dedication to faith, truth, and justice, she is a force to be reckoned with in her home state of South Carolina and everywhere she steps foot.

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