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I’m Lynz Piper-Loomis. I’ve been a fighter all my life and here’s why I’m the best candidate to represent and fight for you. At age 12, my mother and I were in a tragic accident.  My mom died and I did too, momentarily, but came back to life. Not long after that, I was trafficked as a teenager. My abusers raped, restrained and unrestrained me for three and a half years.

My handlers threatened me by promising that if I ever came forward, they’d deny everything and my body would never be found. However, they could never break me. I never backed down, and I escaped my tormenter at 16-years-old.

I covered this extensively in my book I Am Silent No More, and what life is like for a victim. Also, I made a point to detail how to overcome personal trauma -- through healing techniques that make a survivor whole again – to inspire and help survivors.

My plight has led me to become an expert and victim’s advocate to end human trafficking and to educate others. My experience also includes working on strategies for civility with heads of state and government leaders overseas. 

My consulting experience includes working for political campaigns to fight the global uni-party agenda.  I’ve also done work to end the hypersexualization and grooming of children, and I’ve addressed this issue in speeches I’ve given at school board meetings and a packed house at an anti-trafficking fundraiser for America’s Future at Mar-a-Lago. Here’s the video of the speech I gave at Mar-a-Lago last December:

My credentials to end human trafficking include a 48-hour certificate course from the Association for the Recovery of Children. The Association for the Recovery of Children taught me how to deal with child sex trafficking in the areas of prevention, intervention, rescue, advocacy and direct services to victims and survivors. After experiencing human trafficking firsthand, I turned my pain into purpose by launching an organization that combats transnational human trafficking from the local to international level with an emphasis on justice & policy.

My work to support victims and survivors doesn’t stop there. I also serve on the Little Flower Advisory Board -- a national coalition of experts and leaders in the fight to end child trafficking.

When my husband was severely injured while in service overseas, I came face-to-face with the great need for our disabled veterans. In the 18 plus years since, I've never backed down. I remain a fierce advocate for veterans in every way possible. That’s why I was proud to serve on the Board of Directors for Freedom Fur, a non-profit that pairs service dogs with veterans who suffer from PTSD. I also served as a South Carolina Elizabeth Doll Fellow from 2018-2020. In this position, I advocated for veterans, veteran caregivers and their children.

In recent years, I've been on the front line of issues such as illegal immigration, drug and human trafficking at the border, woke indoctrination of schools and the transgender crisis among our youth. With all these important issues and more, I’ve never backed down. And I will never back down.

I’ve never and will never take a knee, save to my God.

Here’s a video of a passionate speech I gave to a local school board, which is another example of how I haven’t, and will never, back down. We need to remember: Don’t normalize but criminalize any behavior that puts minors at risk.

I’m not a career politician, I’m an actionvist. I take direct action to fight for everyone who has been left behind or forgotten. Whether you’re a parent who is concerned about what your child is learning at school, a disabled veteran who was forgotten by the VA, or a citizen who is concerned about the direction America is heading – I promise I will fight for you. 

I have zero tolerance for those who would threaten our liberty, our lives, or our freedom. There are zero excuses for politicians who ignore the concerns of their constituents, and it is high time we elect someone who will truly fight for South Carolina.

My life experience has prepared me to take on the political class, but I can’t do this without help from patriots like yourself. If elected, I promise to serve the people of South Carolina with humility and respect for others. A politician is first and foremost a servant of the people who elected them, and it’s my pledge that I would not leave any person or generation behind in my role as your representative. Always remember: if people are not fighting against the pedophiles, transgender agenda and sexual perversion that is plaguing our children and country…they’re fighting to keep it.

To all those who I’ve met on this journey, who have supported me along the way and who are supporting me now: Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now let’s go Save America!

Contributions leading to today:
  • In June of 2018 I received a conferred Honorary International Doctorate of Humanities from United Graduate College and Seminary International at Kayiwa University in Kampala, Uganda, in recognition of my 16 years of work with veterans and my humanitarian efforts.
  • South Carolina Elizabeth Dole Fellow from 2018-2020.
  • Served as the National Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation Director for South Carolina.
  • Participated in the I Change Nations Statesmen Program and received the international certificate for Statesmen Program. 


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