Moody’s Slashes Credit Ratings Of Regional Banks, Sees Recession In 2024
On Tuesday, Moody’s reduced the credit ratings of ten regional American banks while threatening to downgrade many other bigger banks. Read More.
BREAKING: President Trump Reveals the Dirty Jan. 6 Committee Illegally Destroyed their Records and Documents Now that He Has Full Subpoena Power
President Donald Trump dropped a bombshell report on his Social platform that the sham committee overseeing the investigation of the January 6th Capitol riot has destroyed their documents and records illegally. Read More.
No, Republicans Did Not Politicize Women’s Soccer
The inversion of cause and effect is the foundation upon which all ‘Republicans pounce’ commentary rests. Read More.
‘The Ultimate Disrespect’: Gold Star Families Trash Biden Admin Over Afghanistan Withdrawal
A number of Gold Star family members laid into President Joe Biden and members of his administration, calling them out over the disastrous exit from Afghanistan that took the lives of their loved ones. Read More.
EXCLUSIVE: School District Puts Misbehaving Kids Through Diversity Trainings Instead Of Suspending Them
A California school district encouraged its staff during a September 2022 workshop to send misbehaving students to diversity, empathy and “implicit bias” trainings instead of suspending or expelling them, according to documents obtained through a public records request by Parents Defending Education (PDE) and provided to the Daily Caller News Foundation. Read More.
Report: Biden Seeks Another Ukraine Aid Package 'North of $10 Billion'
President Joe Biden will soon ask Congress for a Ukraine aid package that could exceed $10 billion, a report released Tuesday found. Read More.
The Remaking of America
We are in the midst of one of the most radical revolutions in American history. Read More.
Bidenomics 101: Gas Prices Soaring Again to New High for 2023
U.S. gas prices are soaring again, posing another challenge to an inflation problem the Federal Reserve has battled over the past year and President Joe Biden claimed is all under control thanks to the much-touted "Bideonomics." Read More.
Mike Pence Responds To Being Heckled As A ‘Traitor’ By Trump Supporters
Former Vice President Mike Pence responded over the weekend after he was heckled by a group of Trump supporters who called him a “traitor” late last week during a campaign stop in New Hampshire. Read More.
Garland in 'grave danger' of obstruction of justice charge for targeting Trump, Newt Gingrich says
Fox News contributor says the attorney general is "directing" special counsel Jack Smith's "disgustingly political" assault against former President Trump. Read More.
Jobs Disappoint: America Created Just 187,000 Jobs in July But Wage Growth Picked Up
Employers in the United States added 187,000 workers to their payrolls in July, the Department of Labor said Friday, less than expected. Read More.
Devon Archer testimony transcript reveals Biden pay-to-play scheme
Democrats are spinning the testimony of Biden family associate Devon Archer. Read More.
Crystal clear that Joe Biden was involved
Just in case it wasn’t clear what Hunter Biden was doing when he put his dad, then-Vice President Joe Biden, on the speakerphone during business meetings, even Hunter’s former business partner Devon Archer calls it an “abuse of soft power.” Read More.
Donald Trump to Appear in D.C. Court Thursday on January 6 Indictment 
Donald Trump is set to make his first appearance in federal court in D.C. on Thursday in Jack Smith’s prosecution of January 6.  Read More.
Tucker's Hidden FOX News Interview - Former Capitol Hill Police Chief Calls Jan 6 "a Cover-Up" - They Were Hiding Intelligence
The National Pulse has exclusive footage of Tucker Carlson’s final interview before he was fired from FOX News. Read More.

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