Lynz Piper-Loomis Brings the Fight for Freedom Everywhere She Goes

Lynz has been a fighter her whole life. 

From her earliest years, life never pulled a punch. At age 12, Lynz lost her mother in a tragic car accident, and shortly after was trafficked through Child Protective Services, and enslaved and sexually assaulted for three and a half years. 

Later in life, tragedy struck Lynz’s family when her husband, Retired Master Sergeant Jeremy Loomis, was severely injured while serving overseas. But as she cared for him over many years, Lynz maintained faith in God’s plan for her family and their future. 

Now, those experiences breathe strength into the work Lynz does, from her speaking engagements to her on-the-ground actionism. 

Lynz is dedicated to strengthening and preserving the values that made America great. She’s been an outspoken advocate for veterans, a fierce critic and exposer of Biden’s Southern border, and a voice for those who have lost their voice through human trafficking.

She has traveled domestically and internationally to work with individuals and heads of state in government to provide solutions for civility and sovereignty of the people.



Sharing a Powerful Message

Lynz is unabashedly proud of her values, her background, her country, and her God. When she speaks, people listen. Her story and mission have captivated audiences at Conservative events throughout South Carolina and beyond.  
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