Excerpts from "I Am Silent No More"

Excerpts from Lynz's new book:

"In her Bible, she coined and carried a quote and recited it to me often, "Through our pain, it's an opportunity for someone else to gain."
. . .
"Being silenced as a child has resulted in me screaming the truth out loud as an adult. People need to know what is unfolding before our very eyes. We've got to reverse course in America or we will no longer have a country, which led me to write "I Am Silent No More." "
. . .

"If being drugged and raped isn't bad enough, the drug thugs then hang the undergarments of the women and children they've raped on the trees as a trophy. That should infuriate the entire world population. The green vegetation God gave us to shield and protect has been labeled "rape trees." Their actions are pathetic; getting away with their crimes is equally worse."

This book is for every American brave enough to hear the truth. Order your copy today at Lynzpiperloomis.com.
Journaling beside a lake by Jessica Delp is licensed under Unsplash unsplash.com

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