Exposing Biden-Big Tech Collusion to Suppress Conservative Speech

On Thursday, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt unveiled some very interesting documents that his office and the office of Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry have received since the two states jointly filed a potentially pathbreaking lawsuit in May. 

Their lawsuit alleges that various high-ranking Biden administration officials have been colluding, in censorious fashion, with the purportedly “private” oligarchs of Big Tech. The straightforward aim of this collusion is the suppression of the dissident “wrongthink”—namely, conservative speech—that threatens the Biden regime’s tenuous grasp on power.

The documents Schmitt and Landry have received, pursuant to their serving of discovery requests and issuing of third-party subpoenas, shine a spotlight on the depths to which the Biden regime has fallen to collapse any putative distinction between the “public” sector and the “private” sector. 

Their findings thus far in this still-pending litigation reveal to all—as if we needed more evidence but a week after Mark Zuckerberg’s podcast confession heard ’round the world with popular host Joe Rogan—the extent to which Big Tech platforms such as Facebook and Twitter no longer qualify as meaningfully “private” and have instead simply become appendages of the state.

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