HAPPENING NOW: Arizonans Report Issues With 'Broken' Dominion Voting Machines

Maricopa County, the most populous county in Arizona, is already facing issues with voters turning in their ballots.

In one now viral video, a poll worker is shown informing a line of Arizonans waiting to cast their vote that their two tabulators are not working properly.

“So what happens is we have two tabulators. One of the tabulators is not working, okay? The other tabulator is taking about 75 successful, so 25 percent of them are being misread. And it could be a printer issue, or it could be the tabulator itself,” he said.

“So when it’s misread, you have an option to put it into what’s called box 3, and it gets read, whether it goes downtown and gets read manually, or whether it gets re-fed into our tabulators, they get read,” he added.

person holding by Manny Becerra is licensed under Unsplash unsplash.com

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