I See Dead People – Joe Biden Does it AGAIN: This Time Recalls Long-Deceased German Chancellor Helmut Kohl

Joe Biden would make a fitting character for an M. Night Shyamalan sequel to the 1999 thriller “The Sixth Sense.”  Remember the “I see dead people!” scene?  Who could ever forget?  And that Shyamalan twist… mind-blowing.  Great for Hollywood.  It’s not so great for Washington, DC.

In a string of dead people “sightings,” Biden told a story over the weekend in Las Vegas about meeting with former French President Francois Mitterrand and discussing January 6th in a comparative way:


In September 2022, Biden held a press conference where he called out for “Representative Jackie…where’s Jackie?  I (mumbles) think she was gonna be here…”

This, of course, was referring to USJackie Walorski, Representative  who was killed in a car accident the month prior.


Last month, Biden called out for US Representative Deborah Ross, claiming he “just had [his] picture taken with her.”  While Rep. Ross is still alive, this suggests a continued decline in his ability to recall something that happened (or didn’t) just moments earlier.


In a continuation of blunders, yesterday it was reported that Biden once again sees dead people.  White House corresponded Jacqui Heinrich posted to X that Biden claimed former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl was with him on his first foreign trip as US President and that the two discussed Jan 6.  Not only did this not happen, it couldn’t have happened.  Kohl died in 2017.  Jan 6 was, of course, four years later.

Heinrich posted notes from the “second event” that read (exactly as written):

“And then Helmut Kohl of Germany looked at me and said what would you say Mr President if you picked up the London times tomorrow morning and learned there’s 1,000 broken down doors of the British parliament.  Killed some (?) on the way in.  to deny the next prime minister to take office.  And you think, what would we think?”


Further, Heinrich said the “pool” describes this as the “2nd and 3rd event today”.  During the “third event,” no one corrected him.  He regurgitated the same fiction about the deceased German Chancellor.  But at least this time, he got the French president correct.


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