Kari Lake announces Maricopa County won't let her legal team inspect ballot signatures

Former Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake announced Friday that Maricopa County is refusing to allow her legal team to inspect ballot signatures. 

"BREAKING: Maricopa County Election Officials REFUSE To Allow @KariLake Legal Team To Inspect Ballot Signatures," Lake wrote on Twitter. "What are they hiding?"

Lake recently had a victory in her election lawsuit when the Arizona Supreme Court sent part of it back to trial court to examine whether or not Maricopa County followed signature verification policies in 2022.

The order states: "IT IS FURTHER ORDERED remanding to the trial court to determine whether the claim that Maricopa County failed to comply with A.R.S. § 16-550(A)" and "whether Petitioner can prove her claim as alleged pursuant to A.R.S. § 16-672 and establish that votes [were] affected 'in sufficient numbers to alter the outcome of the election."' 

Lake went on to say that election officials are hiding evidence and she will take legal action to get it from them if she has to. 

Kari Lake by Gage Skidmore is licensed under flickr Creative Commons

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