My Journey of Breaking Free Began 24 Years Ago (July 4th-Indepedence Day)

Today, has always been a bitter sweet day for me. I am proud of my heritage. I am proud and thankful for my husband and his service to this country and my family as well. I have a heart full of gratitude for the blood that has been sacrificed for my soul, and the blood shed for my freedom. The cost is so great. I am thankful that it was my cousin Thomas Jefferson who penned the Declaration of Independence.

Who knew 223 years from that day that I would begin my own journey to freedom? I have never shared publicly some of the details I will share with you today. The truth is that I still find parts of myself raw when I speak or share these things. However, it must be done. There are innocent lives at stake. Many right now that are facing horrors beyond what you can even comprehend or fathom. These are not some horrors you read about in a thriller novel or a movie at the theater. ALL of it IS REAL.

24 years ago today, my handlers (family members) told me they would deny anything ever happened to me and my body would never be found if I ever spoke publicly about what they did to me, and the evil history embedded into chambers of my family for multiple generations.

It started out with my mother who was violently raped by her father and made to have sexual relations with her brothers as a young girl. She was groomed from birth. By day, my grandfather was a respected police officer, a devout Christian on Sundays, but at night he was best friends with the devil. This sexual grooming & perversion and satanic rituals goes back multiple generations. My family was evil with the exception of a few. My mother being one of them. As a toddler, my grandfather continued the sick tradition.

My mother decided to end the sick tradition and to speak out publicly. She refused to stay silent anymore despite the threats from her family. She spoke up not long after her brother drank himself to death. She was a firm believer that there was always an opportunity to help or serve someone else even in the middle of a painful journey or trauma.

My mother broke her silence and released the evil that had been plaguing our family for multiple generations. It split the family, and no one would rally behind her. It was not long after this that we were in a car accident and we both died on impact. Thankfully, God saved me and brought me back. I am sure the accident was just an accident, but my family did everything they could to keep me quiet.

I was trafficked and sold through child protective services half way across the country and placed into another depth of hell I wish no one had to experience. I was placed with more sick and perverted family members. They are well regarded and respected in their community, but God knows what they did to me in the basement. God knows they tried to keep me silent.

As a young child, I remember watching my grandfather torturing a precious young little one. We were in a place like a morgue. People were dressed for the demonic ritual occasion. The screams of the child still echo in my soul. I stood on a stool next to my grandfather who took complete enjoyment in directing and watching the whole process. I remember him telling me I was chosen. I looked up at him confused and then there was silence. I understood in that moment that it was necessary for me to stay silent or I could face the same thing. The silence of the child and what I witnessed in that moment causes me to tremble to this day. The only words that I choose to remember from these moments of my past are God’s words to me, “I chose you before the foundation of this world.”

My hell on earth ended on this day 24 years ago. I decided to follow in my mother’s footsteps and to break the silence after 3 1/2 years of rape restrained and unrestrained, locked in and out of a box, drugged, and tortured. I tried to tell people at church. My guess is that they were a part of the satanic church and had “covers” as productive members of society & church I attended. I told my handlers (my family) I could not do it anymore and that I was going to go public. It was on this day 24 years ago that they told me they would deny everything if I spoke and my body would never be found.

The Holy Spirit rose with in me and gave me an exit strategy. 24 years have gone by, and they walk free. BUT…I walk more free. I surrendered to Christ everything. He did not just pay for all sin on the cross, but His blood was shed for my full healing. His blood is sufficient for you and for me. I do not get to decide how the blood of Jesus is distributed. I do not have to worry about vengeance. “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord.” I had to forgive so I could be free. It was not for them, but for me. I realized their eternal futures rested in God’s hands. Not my own.

So, instead. I chose, and I choose to be silent no more. The production of adrenochrome has reached ridiculous levels of production, and child organ harvesting, sacrifice, satanic rituals, and trafficking are only horrifically & catastrophically growing.

It is time to set every child free, and to hold the captors accountable. This is the most profitable criminal enterprise. You have zero excuses. It starts with just one looking in the mirror and taking a step.

Join me in the fight. Join the “I Am Silent No More Movement”. Are you a victim, survivor, or overcomer? Time to join the movement! Children, I have heard your cry. I will leave no stone unturned.

I humbly ask you to subscribe & share this substack, donate, purchase my book, sign the petition, and get involved. We must save the children.

Thank you for your time. Enjoy Independence Day with your family.

God Bless You & Your Family.

In Liberty,


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