Nebraska Becomes 18th State To Ban Transgender Surgeries On Children

Republican Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen signed a bill that bans transgender surgeries on those 18 and younger in the Cornhusker State and bans most abortions at 12 weeks. 

The signing makes Nebraska the 18th state to pass laws banning transgender procedures on children and follows a raucous week at the capitol building in Lincoln after several protesters were arrested during the legislature’s Friday session. 

“Today is a historic day in the State of Nebraska. It is a day where we are standing up and protecting our kids so that they can have a better and brighter future,” Pillen said. “LB574 is the most significant win for social conservatives in a generation, and is part of what has been a historic legislative session with senators voting for policies that protect our kids, cut taxes, grow agriculture, and defend our Nebraska values.”

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