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UPDATE: This article has been updated as of May 23, 2024 @ 03:15a.m. See updates below my name at the bottom. This will conclude my investigation. I have submitted to Dorchester County Sheriff's Office, Dorchester County Solicitor's Office, Berkeley County Solicitor's Office, South Carolina AG Alan Wilson's Office, South Carolina GOP Office, and we are now seeking legal counsel. A video detailing this entire investigation has been posted right below.
Good Evening Everyone,

We have discovered some rather discouraging information regarding a potential residency issue in the GOP Primary Race for SC State House Seat 102 with Candidate Harriet Holman. She serves currently for Dorchester County Council Seat 1. It looks as though she does not reside in the district that she seeks.

Above is an audio I obtained today from a local citizen down the road from Herman and Harriet Holman's residence located at 6196 Badham Road, Reevesville, SC 29471. The local citizen confirms that Mrs. Harriet Holman does in fact reside in the green and white house located in photo at the bottom of this article. Please tune in to the audio and hear for yourself.

The rules of the SC Republican Party are clear that you must live in the district for which you seek at FILING.

"(5) When no other filing fee has been set by state or county committee each candidate at the time of filing for the nomination as a candidate for the Republican Party shall place with the appropriate party official a fee, in the form of cash or certified check, equal to one (1) percent of one year's salary for the office being sought. Provided that in the event that the office being sought has no salary, the governing committee shall set a reasonable filing fee.

(6) No candidate may be nominated by the Republican Party who is not a registered elector in and a bona fide resident of the State of South Carolina and of the particular election district, if less than statewide, in which he offers as a candidate for office."

The house shown below is registered through public record to John & Mary Ann Wagers. The vehicles found at this house are also registered under public record to John & Mary Ann Wagers. However, Candidate Harriet Holman has stated this is her place of residency. Convenient that this house is in SC District 102, but her home of public record is not.

Below are the tax records for the house listed above recorded under John P. Wagers.

Below is the public filing form completed by Mrs. Harriet Holman for Dorchester County Council Seat 1 located at the property that is right next to her home of public record. The filing receipt also posted below. I should also remind you that this Dorchester County Council Race was the campaign that Mrs. Holman was recruited to run on the Republican ticket when she had previously been a Democrat.

This candidate filing form that Mrs. Harriet Holman filed on March 20, 2024 shows the address at 176 E. Main St., Harleyville, SC 29448 which is not registered to her. Nor, are there any vehicles registered to her at this address. Filing receipt posted below also.

Here you see evidence of Herman and Harriet Holmans public home of record. Vehicles at this address are also registered to both Herman and Harriet Holman.

The above truck is tagged and registered to Mr. Herman Holman. This car was parked in front of Herman and Harriet Holman's house today on April 11, 2024. The vehicles located at this home are also registered and listed via public record (posted below).

Here, you see Herman Holman has not updated his voter registration to their "alledged" new residence in district 102. You can also see that he was previously recorded as a democrat.

Mrs. Harriet Holman has updated her voter registration to John P. and Mary Ann Wagers residence publicly reported at 176 E. Main St., Harleyville SC 29448. Remember, a public citizen reported to me today that Mrs. Harriet Holman resides at 6196 Badham Rd., Reevesville, SC 29471. 6196 Badham Road is actually located in SC House District 95 - Gilda Cobb-Hunter. Representative Cobb-Hunter is a Democrat. Why isn't Mrs. Harriet Holman filing to run in the district where her public home of record is? Why wouldn't she want to oust a sitting Democrat if she is a "allegedly" a Republican? Isn't that the actual goal? Plus, the public citizens of her district obviously know her well based on my investigation in that area today.

Again, this is what we have discovered and we look forward to hearing her response tonight.

This has been reported to SLED for investigation via email for potential election fraud as of April 11, 2024. 


Lynz Piper-Loomis

Audio above was the LACK of response given to me by Mrs. Harriet Holman. I asked her why she was running in District 102 when the car below and above was parked outside her home where she lives (today-was April 11, 2024 in District 95). She told me she would not be speaking to me. I phoned her campaign manager Ray Walsh today and left a message requesting public comment to this article.

The picture of the truck below registered to Mr. Herman Holman was parked outside in the lot of the Summerville Country Club last night ( April 11, 2024) where the debate for SC 102 took place. This is the same truck parked outside her home located at 6196 Badham Road earlier that day and days prior. This vehicle and her home have been publicly recognized and commented on by members of her community as heard on the audio at the top. The citizens in SC-95 assured me that she lives there and she is seen frequently throughout District 95.

I have also contacted the SCGOP twice with no return call and no one that wants to speak with me regardng this situation. I left a message with the national GOP and have forwarded all evidence to SLED for investigation.

The question still remains:

Why is Mrs. Harriet Holman running in District 102 when she has been living consistently in District 95?

The uni-party extremists are trying to paint this as an article hit job due to the loss of Mrs. Holman's son in 2019. I have 3 children in Heaven. No mother should ever lose her children. It is unbearable. However, this has nothing to do with the tragic loss of her son. 

This is potential election interference and potential election fraud. 

05/23/24 Investigation Update @03:15 a.m.



This investigation has come to an end with what I believe shows a clear violation of our South Carolina Constitution Article 3, Section 7 (as seen in the above document view), and as previously stated above a violation of South Carolina State Law, and South Carolina GOP party guidelines by Harriet Holman. 

"A candidate for the Senate of House of Representatives must be a legal resident of the district in which he is a candidate at the time he files for the office."

The audio above was taken through my trip to South Carolina House District 102, and in one case directly from the Harleyville City Hall. It is clearly obvious that Harriet Holman does not yet live in the district as I have shared with you over the last several weeks and reported to South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, SC GOP, Dorchester County Sheriff's Office, Dorchester & Berkeley County Solicitors Office, South Carolina Election Commission, Dorchester County Election Commission, and South Carolina Ethics Commission. Many elected leaders within the SC GOP party have privately told me that they are thankful that I have investigated and reported on this issue. Yet, the question remains. Why did the SC GOP Party certify Harriet Holman on this ballot? Are their hands bound and tied due to the legal system? I don't know for sure what the right answer is. Chairman Drew McKissick advised I would have to take it up with the local circuit court.

The other audios above have been placed before you to hold the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office accountable. I sent a FOIA request through Friday, May 17, 2024 @1519 (see below) I received a call back from Captain Peters 1 hour exactly after I had filed my FOIA request. I previously reported to you that I was told by a Deputy that the investigation would be a conflict of interest regarding Harriet Holman because she lives in the same district and because it is an election year. I was also told that this decision was above the Deputy's pay grade that I was speaking with. I have requested copies of the audio calls, reports, investigation, notes, etc...

I still have received no correspondence from my FOIA request as of the update of this report. Captain Peters did admit that their report was very vague and there was not much to it. He wanted me to send him everything I had (as you hear on audio). I will e-mail him a copy of this article, but I refuse to do their job for them.

Sheriff Richard Mack advised me that Sheriffs who have investigated such crimes have not asked for an outside agency to do the investigation. He referenced a case in San Juan County, California wherein the Sheriff arrested a local city councilman for election fraud. Sounds to me like the good ole boy system is fast and hard at work in Dorchester County. 

I have attached the below statements (see below) from South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. It is clearly seen that SLED is pushing back to the local law enforcement, AG Alan Wilson's office, and circuit court (solicitors offices). I have left two more messages with AG Alan Wilson. I only spoke with someone once. I was advised he would be consulting with Dorchester County Solicitors office on the issue and would get back in touch with me. I spoke at length via phone and also some text with SC RNC Committeewoman Cindy Costa as well. She said she would put her weight behind this and send everything that I sent her back to SC GOP Chair Drew McKissick. Harriet Holman was immediately endorsed by AG Alan Wilson the day following my conversation with Mrs. Costa. AG Wilson should be investigating Harriet Holman. Not endorsing her criminal mess. 

Captain Peters recommended that I contact the South Carolina Ethics Commission. They advised this was not under their purview. (See statement below). She also advised that I had hit every avenue.

Dorchester County Sheriff's Office and AG Alan Wilson's Office should be defending and protecting our SC State & US Constitutions. We are the most incredible nation wherein our unalienable rights are endowed to us by our Creator and not by the government. The sanctity of our elections and our sacred votes should not be trampled on. Brave men and women have fought, shed blood, and died for this precious nation. We have a kangaroo court when we cannot even hold our own accountable. 

AG Alan Wilson places himself and speaks up in front of President Trump's trial up in New York, but his voice has no merit if he cannot even tend to business in his own backyard. His voice carries ZERO authority when he refuses to investigate election fraud. Sheriff LC Knight apparently has not read the U.S. or SC State Constitutions. He is more worried about covering up his arse than actually doing his Constitutional duty. Does their oath of office mean anything? Harriet Holman apparently does not remember her oath of office either, and she apparently still has trouble understanding our Constitution as well as the values of the Republican Party. 

Harriet Holman's legacy in her current seat leaves much to be desired by her constituents. I have had several reports to me that she still exemplifies the values of the Democratic Party. Many have commented on her love of lining the pockets of her posse and her love for large government.

I already showed you her Democrat voting and participation record above. She has a history of supporting other democrats in office financially as well. 

Democrat. I checked FEC donations. Harriet is quick to donate to Democrats, but not to Trump. She preaches all day long about Trump, but her financial investment into the Democratic Party speaks a different narrative.

What do you think is the real reason that Dorchester County Sheriff's Office won't investigate her? Remember Democrat Sheriff LC Knight has endorsed Chief Sam Richardson for this election. Remember, I told you (I FOIA'd for the audio from Dorchester County Sheriff's Office) that the Deputy advised me that they wouldn't investigate this because it was a conflict of interest and because it is an election year? Remember, also, that Captain Peters said that Sheriff Knight was going to keep this away from Chief Sam Richardson (who is running for Dorchester County Sheriff to replace Sheriff Knight)? Why?

I would propose a few reasons why they are not investigating this. It is clear across this state that there are some Republicans running Democrats in Republican seats to keep the government out of the hands of the people. 

Could it also be that Harriet Holman donated to Chief Sam Richardson $1,000 for his election? Is this why he won't investigate her?

Could it also be because Chief Samuel Richardson actually aligns more with the Democrats than with the Republicans?

He voted Democrat for the SC Presidential Primary. No wonder he won't investigate election fraud! He voted for the party that thrives on stealing elections. (See voting participation and voter registration record below). How can we trust him to defend and protect our sacred votes and the sanctity of our elections when he supported the party of corruption?

Chief Sam Richard's wife is also a judge (see below). What is more of a conflict of interest? I think Chief Richardson's and Sheriff Knight's definition of a conflict of interest is much different than the citizens of Dorchester County. Dereliction of duty much?! Hmmmm. I guess they do not want to investigate corrupt politicians putting money in their pouches.

Great news though! There is another true Constitutional Christian Republican running for Dorchester County Sheriff's Office! See his REPUBLICAN voter registration and participation record below. Website:  http://Miketurnerforsheriff.com

Just, had to put that quick plug in for Mike! I bet he would investigate this case when elected. It is very clear that Harriet has broken the law and should be criminally prosecuted.

We do not have a country if we do not have fair elections and if people do not play by the rules. We do not have a country when we cannot hold these corrupt individuals accountable because the system is waist plus deep in each other's crap that they cannot see the forest through the trees. 

You decide. Did she commit election fraud? Is she unlawfully interfering with our elections? For me, conclusively yes.

I will end this with the videos and pictures for her main home in Santee. The democrats contested her for her Dorchester County Council seat because they knew she lived a good part of the time in Santee as well. 

I am thankful for the citizens throughout Dorchester County that care about Harriet Holman's crimes against our election and find her antics as disgusting as I do. You all have been helpful and encouraging in helping this report to be successful. God bless each of you.

We found that Harriet Holman returned back to her Santee home probably more so than in SC District 95. She went to her home in Santee following the debate in upper Dorchester County. She also has laid her head and woke up many other days in Santee. Sometimes in Reevesville. Never in Harleyville. Remember, the community in Harleyville admitted she had not moved there yet. (Audio above). This is consistent with what she has told many people in regards to only moving to Harleyville once she "wins the primary". 

Pics and videos below show she lays her head to bed a night at 206 Cooper Drive and, other days wakes up early in the morning. Don't take my word for it. See for yourself. Maybe Dorchester County Elections Commission should have  another hearing regarding her residency for her current Dorchester County Council seat.

Click each image below to see video. This is the car Harriet Holman drives when she is by herself on the campaign trail and not riding with her husband in his truck. This car is also tagged, taxed, and titled to her as well.

It is a dereliction of duty to not investigate Harriet Holman. 

Call to action:

Share this report far and wide. Reshare throughout social media. 

Contact the following parties respectfully demanding that they investigate this case.

Dorchester County Sheriff Knight and Chief Sam Richardson:  (843) 832-0300

Dorchester County Solicitor David Pascoe:  (843) 871-2640

Charleston/Berkeley County Solicitor Scarlett Wilson:  (843) 958-1900

SC AG Alan Wilson (803) 734-3970

Thank you for your time and never give up!

We will win!


2 Chronicles 7:14

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