SC Republicans Kicked Out of SCGOP Elected Positions


Why did the SC GOP Rules Committee with the backing of SC GOP Chair Drew McKissick recommend kicking "Republicans" out of their elected positions? Was it the right decision? I will let you decide for yourself.

We know RJK, Jr. is no Republican. Still, some Republicans jumped ship on President Donald J. Trump because of single issues. Namely, the clot shot. However, we can't vote for a Presidential candidate or any other candidate for that matter on single issues alone. Do I think President Donald J. Trump and his administration screwed up massively on COVID and the clot shot?! YES! However, I would never vote for or donate to a democrat, socialist, or communist because of this. RFK, Jr. is still radically left on a whole other slew of issues. AND as RFK, Jr. states, "Red state people are more likely to murder you." (video source credited to and posted by Trump War Room) This could not be further from the truth. 

Recently there was an SC GOP Congressional District Convention in order to elect GOP officials to represent us in the Congressional districts of SC and as National Delegates for the National GOP Convention that will be held this year in July up in Wisconsin.

Keith and Olga Blandford were 2 out of group of SC-01 residents that were duly elected by the state delegates of SC 1st Congressional District. There were complaints filed according to the SC GOP Rules Committee that 3 of the SC-01 delegates elected to the national convention had previously donated last year to a Democrat Presidential Candidate. Namely, RFK, Jr. (see the FEC record below for donation receipts by Keith and Olga Blandord to the Democratic Presidential Candidate)

Keith and Olga as well as one other member advised that they did not know they were donating to a Presidential campaign. They believed it was for dinner and drinks. I find this hard to believe personally based on experience. Every event I held and every dollar I raised was reported to the FEC when I ran for United States Congress (SC-01). Every event (dinners and special events included) had a disclaimer that it was a campaign event and that the name, phone number, address, and occupation was mandatory for FEC reporting purposes. You and I would not have to report all of that information for just a dinner event. Is Keith and Olga expressing that this mandatory disclaimer was not given to them? Do they expect people to believe that they did not know this was a campaign event? I do not know. I will let the court of public opinion decide. 

Either way, the SC GOP State Convention happens this saturday. SC GOP Chair agreed with the decision of the SC GOP Rules Committee. This does not allow adequate time for the appeal process. I definitely do not want Republicans who have funded Democrats voting in our SC GOP club or in the Republican primary. Keith and Olga Blandford have provided a letter from the RFK, Jr. campaign apologizing for the mixup and a committment to refund the $500.00 they each donated. (copy of letter below)

Is this enough to appeal the decision made by the SCGOP? It is interesting also that the very rule the Republican party in SC used to oust these individuals is not used for others they favor in the party. Dorchester County Chairman Steven Wright has also violated the same rule a different way. He worked for candidates during the primary as a political consultant. He even endorsed one of those candidates using his SC GOP Dorchester County Chairman title. 

Rules for thee, but not for me right?!

I am not a personal fan of Keith Blandford from my own personal experience running against him in the SC-01 Congressional race. That is, until the filing date in which he filed to run for SC Secretary of State. I had my fill of his slanderous lies and defamation. He did apologize to me at a candidate forum he hosted on Sullivan's Island during the primary in 2022. I confronted him and told him I did not appreciate any of the lies he spread. He has been a negative disruptor in the past, but has also done remarkable work with regard to our elections here in SC. 

What is that old saying..."You reap what you sow."

The jury is still out on this one. 


Colin Lloyd by Colin Lloyd is licensed under Unsplash

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