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Did we learn absolutely nothing after World War II? Did we learn nothing after the terrorist attacks on 9/11? Did we learn nothing during the domestic terror attacks by Black Lives Matter, Antifa, etc…in 2020? Have we learned nothing about the domestic trans terrorist attacks against our children?

The Battle at Normandy has rested heavily upon my heart this week as the primary elections draw near. We are at a great precipice here in America, and globally if we are being honest with each other. I think back on my husband's military career, his service injuries, and how the war never ended for him—or our family for that matter. I think about the moments when our men and women served in the war, fighting in the trenches or taking turns out on patrol. I wonder what their thoughts were during times of combat and enemy fire. What were our men and women thinking right before an attack?

Did my husband or the men and women who served before him on the battlefield ask someone what their pronouns were? Did they think about offending someone by misgendering them? Were they concerned about what their sexual orientation was on the battlefield?

My husband would tell you no. I would propose to you that none of that mattered. Each one put their uniform on, did their job, and aimed to complete their missions. Their goal was never to leave a man behind.

Did they fight to save America from destruction so that our citizens could be criminally charged or imprisoned for misgendering someone? For addressing someone under the incorrect sexual orientation? Did they fight in order that our individual rights were removed? What would they say about an American citizen being criminally or civilly prosecuted because said citizen refused to kowtow or bow down to a belief system that was not their own?

The brave men who died at The Battle of Normandy did not die in vain. I guarantee you they would not be concerned about pronouns or sexual orientation. They were concerned about fighting against evil and defeating Hitler. They would stand beside citizens willing to fight for their individual liberties and freedom. The bloodshed and lives sacrificed for this country should be a memorial in every elected leader's heart and mind.

The foundation of our country is something for us to be proud of, to fight for, to die for, and to live for. Our nation was founded upon the principle that all men are created equal. This simple principle exhibits a just government. Thomas Jefferson (my cousin) penned a remarkable document, "The Declaration of Independence."

One excerpt stands out:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Our rights are not given to us by government, but by our Creator. Our Founding Fathers understood that any government stripping rights away from its citizens would result in inequality, an unjust government, and the destruction of America. The 14th Amendment, which was later added to the United States Constitution, established a firm foundation for equality under the law. It ensures that citizens born or naturalized in the United States inherently receive civil equality as defined below. It also establishes that non-citizens are to be treated equally as individuals.

Article 14
Section 1.
"All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

That is why I cannot stand behind any candidate or politician who believes a government has a right to civilly or criminally prosecute someone because they do not have the same ideology or belief system as another person. Our First Amendment rights must always remain intact. Any violation of this is unconstitutional, un-American, and does not belong on our soil. It is literally impossible to favor one group (whether racially, religiously, etc...) without causing damage to another group. A perfect example is what you see happening in today's society.

In today's society, we can be civilly and criminally prosecuted for our choices (because of religious beliefs) or unintentionally misgendering someone, for example. Domestic terrorist groups looted businesses, vandalized and destroyed personal and government property, and harmed many people in the riots of 2020 with little to no accountability. People's lives were destroyed, but we had a judicial system that was more worried about people's pronouns and trans rights than defending, protecting, and preserving our individual rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

SC Rep. Gary Brewer joined with radical Democrats and some Republicans in our state to bring a Hate Crimes Bill (excerpt below):



Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina:

SECTION 1.  This act may be cited as the "Clementa C. Pinckney Hate Crimes Act".

SECTION 2.  Chapter 3, Title 16 of the S.C. Code is amended by adding:

    Article 22

    Penalty Enhancements for Certain Crimes

    Section 16-3-2410. (A) When a person commits a violent crime as defined in Section 16-1-60 or commits assault by mob in the second degree as defined in Section 16-3-210(C) and the trier of fact determines beyond a reasonable doubt that the offense was committed against a victim who was intentionally selected, in whole or in part, because of the person's belief or perception regarding the victim's race, color, religion, sex, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, or physical or mental disability, whether or not the perception is correct, the person is subject to additional penalties as provided in subsection (B).

    (B) A person who violates the provisions of subsection (A) and commits a violent crime as defined in Section 16-1-60 or commits assault by mob in the second degree as defined in Section 16-3-210(C), upon conviction, is subject to an additional fine of not more than ten thousand dollars and an additional term of imprisonment of up to five years;

    (C) The provisions of this section provide for the enhancement of the penalties applicable to underlying offenses. The court shall permit the prosecuting agency and the defense to present evidence relevant to the determination of whether the defendant intentionally selected the person against whom the offense is committed, in whole or in part, because of the person's belief or perception regarding one or more of the factors provided in subsection (A), whether or not the perception is correct. The court with competent jurisdiction over the underlying offense shall instruct the trier of fact to find a special verdict as to a violation of the provisions of this section.

    (D) The additional penalties described in subsection (B) may not be imposed unless the person was indicted, either separately or as a separate count in the indictment for the underlying offense, for the offense pursuant to this section committed against the victim who was intentionally selected, in whole or in part, because of the person's belief or perception regarding one or more of the factors provided in subsection (A), whether or not the perception is correct, and the person was found guilty of the underlying offense.

These types of legislation allow more advantage to one particular group than another, leading to an imbalance of equality and thus inequality.

Here are a few examples:

The attack and insurrection in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, June 8th, 2024, outside the White House.


Another image captured by a member of Laura Loomer's team.

A culture has been cultivated allowing the rights for these people to, as they say, "peacefully" assemble and "protest." However, in reality, this is not a display or exhibit of their First Amendment rights. They are actually committing acts of terrorism against the American government with no accountability.

Freedom News TV captured this scene of Pro-Hamas terrorists waving around a bloodied mask of an American President (regardless of whether we like him or not - and regardless of whether he was actually legally elected). This is an act of treason and an act of war against America. Many of these groups have shouted "Death to America," and many chalk it up to their individual liberties or rights under the First Amendment. How would the men from The Battle of Normandy have handled this? How would our Founding Fathers have handled this? How would President George Washington have handled this? President Donald J. Trump? They would have stopped it and prosecuted them to the fullest extent of the law.


How is it that these men and women can call for the death and destruction of America, which is not protected under any amendment or document on U.S. soil, and the value of their rights is greater than those who oppose them? One last example below of today's domestic terrorist attacks and insurrection in Washington, D.C.

These people are aligning with a known terrorist group, and they have been allowed to freely destroy, harm, and in some cases murder people who oppose their views or whom they deem enemies. We have had paid domestic terrorist provocateurs at college campuses committing acts of terrorism against individuals they hate and college property.

We must have a zero-tolerance policy for these acts of terrorism, and we must not enable these groups to have greater distribution of 'rights' over any other group. These individuals' rights (whether citizen or non-citizen) should be revoked, and they should face federal punitive charges.

Yet, SC Representative Gary Brewer has another ideology that simply does not line up with America, our U.S. Constitution, and our Declaration of Independence. The below screenshot is his response to the public outrage for his co-sponsorship and support for the Hate Crimes Bill (which includes SC Rep. Gil Gatch, SC Rep. Chris Murphy, and others).

This Hate Crimes Bill, as listed above, is not just talking about race and religion. It goes way deeper. It is a communist piece of garbage. I told Brewer that the U.S. Constitution and The Declaration of Independence were sufficient. They need enforcement. He freaked out and said that the Hate Crimes Bill would "reinforce" the Constitution. This all occurred despite the fact that the South Carolina GOP condemned this bill publicly through a resolution.

"An even more alarming factor was the response of our Dorchester County Chairman, Steven Wright, to this horrific rhetoric,"
"Based Brewer🔥".

Brewer, as well as the Dorchester Delegation, worked alongside newly elected Summerville Town Councilwoman Tiffany Johnson-Wilson and others to bring the same bill to the local town level. Yep, a "Hate Crimes Ordinance.

Excerpt (click image for full link to full article):

Johnson-Wilson, "It’s crucial to understand that this ordinance covers not just race and religion but also extends protections to those with physical and mental disabilities and gender, among others."

Link to Tiffany's public Facebook Page post:

I would hate to think what would happen to a young person working in one of the downtown Summerville businesses that misgenders someone or refuses to allow a man in a women's dressing room to face civil or criminal charges for exercising their First Amendment rights. Is this what America has come to?

Today, domestic terrorists covered our national monuments with LGBTQ+ and Palestinian flags. That's the reality. We cannot trample on 'their rights' even though they create violence and threaten death, but they can certainly trample our rights and set fire to our American flag. They can spit on the ground and destroy America that men and women have sacrificed and died for.

Yet, we are called a cult by SC Rep. Gary Brewer. We are considered 'maga-lepers' by SC GOP Chair Drew McKissick. We are labeled as 'fringe' or a 'cult' by the SC GOP House Caucus. We are labeled as such because we understand that our unalienable rights have been endowed to us by our Creator. We understand that our individual rights cannot be stripped away and given over to another.

The greater tyranny lies in those who wish to infringe upon our rights to placate another individual or group. This is not equality. This is inequality. It is racist in nature. It is un-American and has no place in South Carolina or in our country.

This is why we fight. Because people like Rep. Brewer and Rep. Murphy refuse to fight and instead, sell us out to the highest bidder.

Well, I have said it before. God is not for sale. Our children, families, and businesses are not for sale. South Carolina and America are not for sale. Not on my watch.

It is time to put an end to this tyranny. Our children are literally on the chopping block. We live in an age where pornography is in the grasp of our children's hands at school. We have 150 highly inappropriate books in Dorchester District II School District that parents have submitted to the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office for investigation. Where is Brewer on this? Crickets. Sexual grooming has become normalized instead of criminalized. How much longer will people continue to elect individuals who refuse to fight and abandon our voice?

Rep. Brewer doesn't deserve a seat in SC House District that he abandoned 109 times! And that's just his first term!

I could not sit idly by while our beloved country is desecrated, and South Carolina keeps getting pushed further towards communism. I know you cannot either.

Good news! You can vote for Jody Bohman for SC House District 114 on June 11th and get involved at the local level!

Bohman for House

Remember what General Flynn said, "Local action creates national impact."

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