This State's Radical Abortion Amendment Is Another Attempt to Abolish Parental Rights

As Townhall reported earlier this year, Ohio voters will consider a radical constitutional amendment that its supporters claim is merely about repealing Ohio's "heartbeat law" protecting unborn children from abortion.

Instead, as legal experts warned at the time, the amendment goes "much further" than what its proponents claim, instead being a radical vehicle to prohibit "virtually any restrictions on abortion and all other procedures, including sex-change surgeries" that "would cancel out not only parental-consent laws but also mere parental notification for minors' abortions or sex-change surgeries" and "strike down health protections for people of all ages who undergo these procedures."

That is, the proposed amendment is as radical as they come, but it seems that's the entire goal.
love will end abortion sign by Tessa Rampersad is licensed under Unsplash

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