Tim Ryan Claims 'Kill' MAGA Movement Comment Was About Jan 6

  • by:
  • Source: Breitbart
  • 09/15/2022
Democrat Ohio Senate candidate Tim Ryan issued a bizarre defense of his “kill and confront” comment about the MAGA movement by claiming it pertained to January 6.

Earlier this week during an interview on MSNBC, Tim Ryan said that Democrats need to “kill and confront” the “extremist” Republican movement when discussing why Ohio should elect him over J.D. Vance.

“How do we fix all of these broken systems? Some of those answers will come from Republicans, not the extremists that we are dealing with every single day. We’ve got to kill and confront that movement, but working with normal mainstream Republicans, that’s going to be really, really important,” Ryan said.

“I’m saying exhausted majority — Democrats, Republicans, Independents against the extremists, leading an era of reform around reconciliation so we can heal this country and move into the future,” he continued.

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