Transgender Daycare Worker Avoids Prison Time For Abusing Infant

A transgender daycare worker in Kentucky who pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct after being accused of abusing an infant while changing her diaper will avoid prison time, according to a report.

Breitbart reported:

The investigative outlet unearthed court records detailing how Maria Childers, a male who identifies as a woman, was arrested in February 2023 after a co-worker made an anonymous report alleging he had behaved inappropriately with a baby in their care.

The tipster alerted the Department of Community Based Services (DCBS) that Childers was working at the Explore Learning Academy in November 2022 when he allegedly rubbed the female child’s genitals whilst making sexual comments.

Witness testimony obtained by Reduxx revealed even more disturbing details:

According to witness testimony, a co-worker had asked Childers for assistance in changing an infant’s diaper. While Childers was cleaning the baby’s genitals, the co-worker noticed that the infant appeared to be in distress and asked Childers if he was hurting the baby. She then witnessed Childers rub the infant’s genitals in a “circular motion,” while saying “that was her clit area and she likes it. It just made her day.”

After this incident, Childers was reported to the daycare’s management but was only given a mere “write up.”

Throughout the investigation, police also learned that the alleged pedophile had also been accused of neglecting children by leaving them in high chairs for “hours” without care.

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