Transgender 'Treatments' for Kids Is Eerily Reminiscent of Opioid Crisis, Parents Rights Advocate Says

OXON HILL, Md.—America First Legal filed a lawsuit last week demanding documents from the Food and Drug Administration regarding how strictly the FDA monitors the use of so-called puberty blockers and other hormone drugs for so-called gender-affirming care. 

Ian Prior, the legal organization’s senior adviser, explained his group’s efforts against the transgender movement in an interview with The Daily Signal on Thursday.

Speaking at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, Prior discussed lawsuits aimed at blocking what he called “the school-to-scalpel pipeline,” which victimizes impressionable children by putting them on a path to experimental interventions with negative side effects, a trend he compared to the opioid crisis.

Prior cited Jamie Reed, a whistleblower who worked at St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s transgender center. Reed claimed that doctors would rush children into medical transition without a thorough investigation into potential underlying psychological issues that might cause an ostensible transgender identity. He said Reed’s claims “woke up a lot of people.”

woman holding printed orange paper by Denin Lawley is licensed under Unsplash

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