Trump Rallies Massive Crowd in Nikki Haley’s South Carolina Hometown

Former President Donald Trump drew a sizable crowd while campaigning in South Carolina, the home state of GOP primary rival Nikki Haley, on Saturday. The event took place at the arena on the campus of Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina, with hundreds of people also gathered outside in the overflow area watching on screens.

Addressing the crowd outside, Trump expressed gratitude, stating, “I want to thank everybody. We took what was known as a big arena.” He humorously remarked on the size, indicating plans for future events to accommodate more attendees. Trump praised the spirit of the crowd, comparing it favorably to past rallies.

Inside the arena, Trump questioned Haley’s ability to pass a cognitive test, a common assessment he believes presidential candidates should undergo. He criticized Haley as “the candidate of globalists and warmongers” and highlighted his administration’s achievements in combating terrorism.

Discussing the U.S. relationship with China, Trump accused Haley and President Joe Biden of being favorable to China’s interests, contrasting his own stance as beneficial to the United States.

In his closing remarks, Trump pledged to remove warmongers from the government and promised a resurgence of national greatness.

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