Nebraska Becomes 18th State To Ban Transgender Surgeries On Children
Republican Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen signed a bill that bans transgender surgeries on those 18 and younger in the Cornhusker State and bans most abortions at 12 weeks. Read More.
BREAKING: Suspect in White House gate U-Haul crash identified as Sai Varshith Kandula
The driver who crashed a U-Haul into the security barriers near the White House on Monday evening has been identified as Sai Varshith Kandula, 19, of Chesterfield, Missouri. Read More.
‘Nothing Is Off The Table’: Jim Jordan Outlines Response To Durham Report
Special counsel John Durham‘s long-awaited report serves as a guide for how Congress can further investigate the Russiagate controversy, according to a top GOP lawmaker. Read More.
Social Justice™ Now Claims Waking Up Early Is White Supremacy
What even is satire anymore? At some point, reality will become so absurd that it will render satire an anachronistic relic of the before-times, when some semblance of societal sanity made satire possible. Read More.
Poll Shows Biden Ratings Sagging on Immigration, Economy, and Guns
President Joe Biden is facing sagging public approval numbers across a host of sectors as he prepares to launch his 2024 reelection campaign. Read More.
Durham report revealed corruption that could mean this stunner for Trump in 2024
Durham report revealed corruption that could mean a stunner for Trump in 2024 election. Voters lost their faith in government and this analysis is proof why. Read More.
Republicans 'Pressing Pause' on Debt Limit Talks with Biden White House
Rep. Garret Graves (R-LA), who has been leading debt ceiling talks, said that Republicans would "pause" debt ceiling negotiations.  Read More.
Biden Admin Walks Back Claim That It Killed Major Al-Qaeda Figure In Airstrike, Killed Father Of 10: Report
Biden administration officials are reportedly walking back claims that they made earlier this month when they claimed that they had killed a major figure in the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda. Read More.
Speaker McCarthy, Balance the Budget to Save America
Speaker Kevin McCarthy and the House Republicans have a tremendous opportunity to create a better American future. If they can successfully carry out the will of the American people, we will get to lower spending, less inflation, and eventually a balanced federal budget. Read More.
Big Bank Will Pay Massive Sum To Settle Epstein Victim Lawsuit
Deutsche Bank agreed to pay $75 million to settle a lawsuit accusing the company of failing to recognize the sex trafficking conducted by Jeffrey Epstein, the deceased pedophile hedge fund manager who was once a client of the firm. Read More.
Don't Miss The Most Damning Durham Finding
Amid his many findings, Special Counsel John Durham declared the DOJ and FBI's hearts and minds corrupted. Read More.
Florida Sends 800 Soldiers, 300 Law Enforcement Officers To Help Secure U.S. Border In Texas
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced on Tuesday that he is sending more than 1,100 assets to Texas to assist Governor Greg Abbott in combatting the illegal immigration crisis that President Joe Biden caused on the southern border with his policies. Read More.
Nolte: Bud Light Sales Continue to Collapse for the CNN of Beers
Nationwide sales of Bud Light crashed 23.3 percent during the week of April 29 compared to the same week last year. Read More.
The Blind Path to War - The American Conservative
Moralizing and hubris have brought us closer to nuclear war than we have been in a generation. Read More.
The Durham Report Shows The FBI Is A Threat To Democracy
What the report reveals above all is that the deep state is real, it's corrupt, and it’s at war with the American people. Read More.

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