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Pillars of Leadership

Humility & Integrity

Pride and power seem to motivate our government. We need humble leaders who do the will of the people with the utmost Integrity and I pledge to protect and do the will of he people.

Honor & Civility

Building a culture of honor and civility will ensure we sustain the nation we know and love. Treating everyone with dignity and respect is a value I will incorporate on behalf of South Carolina.


Every great leader is first and always a servant to others. A great leader equips others to be greater than themselves. Together we will serve to build up this district and this nation and we will leave no person or generation behind.


On November 3rd, the criminal election was stolen from President Trump. More importantly, the votes & voices of the American people were criminally stolen.


The issues we face are not Republican or Democrat.

Defense of Life

All of life is sacred and worthy of our protection.

Sovereignty Means a Secure Border

Legal immigration is a hallmark of America.

In The News



VA Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Ban Including 'Misgendering' as Child Abuse After Officials Kept Girl from Parents

By: Randy DeSoto | Source: The Western Journal

The lawmaker introduced a bill to ensure parents cannot be charged with child abuse for "misgendering" their children.

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Police arrest youth pastor, teacher in sex trafficking sting

By: Michael Gryboski | Source: The Christian Post

Authorities in Texas have arrested nearly 50 people, including one high school teacher and a youth pastor, as part of a sting operation aimed at combatting sex trafficking

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U.S. Navy Begins Recovering Wreckage of China's Spy Balloon

By: Simon Kent | Source: Breitbart

The U.S. Navy is working to recover remains of a Chinese high-altitude surveillance balloon shot down by an Air Force F-22 fighter jet.

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Man who viewed violent child pornography receives probation, weekend jail sentence to be served 'at his convenience'

By: Cortney Weil | Source: TheBlaze

An Oregon man who viewed pornographic videos of young girls being tortured has been sentenced to probation and 90 days in jail to be served "at his convenience," a police report stated.On Wednesday, Scott Johnson, 27, of St. Helens, Oregon, about 30 miles north of Portland, pled guilty to three coun...

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Convicted Child Sex Offender Given Custody of Little Girl - Then Gets Her Pregnant

By: Jim Hoft | Source: The Gateway Pundit

How does this happen? A convicted child sex offender was given custody of a little girl by local Leeds authorities. The officials later found out he got her pregnant. And the man threatened to kill himself if the little girl ever told anyone about her abuse. IBC reported: A convicted child sex offender was given…

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Las Vegas Judge, Who Was Working To Expose Pedophile Ring, Found Dead

By: Baxter Dmitry | Source: News Punch

Las Vegas Judge Melanie Andress-Tobiasson, who was working to expose an underage child sex ring in the city, has been found dead. She was 53.

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Meet Lynz

While the life of Lynz Piper-Loomis has seen hardship and set-back, her story is one of overcoming obstacles including death itself. Her journey took her through childhood trauma and events that would cause most to give up. She adopted the belief that her reaction to life was to become a victor, not a victim. Now, she wants to bring her strength and vision of leadership to South Carolina. Her run for Congress is one of the unique chapters of her life and a transformative event for citizens of District 1

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Lynz Piper-Loomis is a strong constitutional Christian conservative leader who will fight for our America First Agenda. We need strong leaders like Lynz to go to Washington and stand in the gap on our behalf.

~ Michael Flynn

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