Corruption Runs Deep in Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office | Candidate Sam Richardson | Lynz Piper-Loomis

This article is a little bit different due to the technical difficulty I have had here while on vacation. My apologies. Please click the image below to catch the replay of the live video I did today regarding the corruption that runs deep in Dorchester County Sheriff's Office. My candidate for this race is Mike Turner. Mike Turner will turn this department around and will run the agency Constitutionally.

There is a small lag in the video. Please just give it a few minutes to smooth out. I advised during the video that I would put the receipts in this article under the video. Also, I have attached the article regarding Harriet Holman below. Please read the article first before watching the video if you have not read it yet. 

Thank you!

Vote for Mike Turner on June 11, 2024 if you seek to eradicate corruption in Dorchester County. Choose Mike if you prioritize safeguarding your individual liberties. Support Mike if defending your Second Amendment rights is important to you. Opt for Mike if you yearn for protection against the tyranny we currently confront. He stands as the sole candidate capable of fulfilling this crucial role without succumbing to the influence of special interests.


Please be sure to share this message far and wide! Remember, as General Flynn as said, "Local action creates national impact."


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