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Thanks for the Free Money Suckers | SC. Rep. Chris Murphy Supporting & Funding Democrats With Affiliations to BLM and Al Sharpton | Lynz Piper-Loomis. Why is Governor Henry McMaster endorsing a man that has donated to democrats affiliated with “Black Lives Matter”, “National Action Network”, and “Al Sharpton”? Why would SC Rep. Chris Murphy fund democrats affiliated with those supporting the domestic terrorist riots in 2020?

Apparentely, Governor Henry McMaster's team did not do their due diligence. Chris is anything but the statements above. Chris has been vehemently opposed to judicial reform FOREVER. FitsNews has been reporting on this well for quite a while.

We also know that Murphy gets repeat violent offenders back out on the streets. (Sources referenced in previous article-Click photo for video)

Why is Governor Henry McMaster and the good ole boy system hell bent on sending out this false advertising?! Looks like they are desperate for their little puppet to remain in the people's SC-98 House seat. Even though he abandoned us 3, 196 times over his last 7 terms. 

Let's get on with it shall we?
 SC. Rep. Chris Murphy is allegedly a Republican. Then why is he donating to radical democrats? I got receipts all day long y'all.

Part 1.

Democrat SC State House Rep for District 119 Leon Stavrinakis.

Democrate Rep. Stavrinakis supported the ghastly opposition to the heart beat bill last year. Of course he did!

Next comes the one that is far more radical. North Charleston City Mayor (Democrat) Reggie Burgess. Murphy had the opportunity to endorse and support a true and strong conservative in the North Charleston Mayoral race. Dr. Curtis Merriweather. Instead, he decided to stick with the uni-party good ole boy system. 

Democrat Mayor Reggie Burgess has had previous affiliations with Dr. Nelson B. Rivers III who is a part of the "National Action Network". Rivers is also close with the head of "National Action Network", Reverend Al Sharpton. 

"Reverend Nelson Rivers is the pastor of Charity Missionary Baptist Church. He said Burgess' appointment to chief is long overdue. "I wondered out loud many times why wasn't he already the chief? But I think in his perspective, the timing was better now than before."

"National Action Network" involvement in trying to control who goes on/off the Health Advisory Committee with Charleston County School District.

Rivers spoke over the allowed time of public comment. He even stole time away from students who had signed up for public comment both sides of the conversation. It was more important for him to make himself a "victim" and to make a scene for himself than to listen to students in the district. I attended this event, and he was basically forcing himself into a position to be "thrown out" (not arrested). Selfish.


Rivers also joins "Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorism Organization" supporter Pastor Thomas Dixon.
Excerpt from Article:

"NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Community groups in North Charleston are coming together to help stop gun violence after an uptick in violent crimes.

On Thursday, the #ThinkTwice organization gathered with different local groups to walk through the Macon community and raise awareness about the violence.

The ‘O.G. community walk’ was designed to bring people who have dealt with violence or have gotten in trouble in the past, back into the community to talk to the people who live there.

“What we’re trying to do is trying to have a sustained message, pushing the stop the violence message and the think twice message ,by consistently walking through the community and proactively dealing with this and hopefully digging into the systemic roots of this gun violence,” community activist Pastor Thomas Dixon said.

The groups were supported by the North Charleston police department. Some of the officers and Police Chief Reggie Burgess joined the movement."

The "Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorism Organization" raided and destroyed numerous businesses in downtown Charleston, and across this country without ever being held accountable. There must be a zero tolerance policy in working with these organizations. 

The gun by itself is not a living and breathing being. It has no arms and no legs. A gun cannot commit acts of violence if left alone on a table until a criminal picks it up. Gun violence is caused by criminals. Increased crime is caused by individuals who are criminal offenders or repeat criminal offenders that have zero accountability. I.e. The "Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorism Organization" that raided and destroyed so many places all over the country without any accountability or arrests. We cannot align or affiliate with individuals that support and promote these organizations.

Burgess strategizes with Nelson and Rivers.
Excerpt from Article:

"North Charleston community gives input on NCPD racial bias audit"

Dixon endorsing Burgess for Mayor of North Charleston.

One thing that keeps coming to bite Murphy in the behind is judicial reform. Remember, he took his violent criminal client before Judge Price when he violated his bond. Initially, the case was seen before Murphy's wife, Maité Murphy. She revoked his bond. Murphy then took the case before his judicial buddy, Price. Price allowed the guy out on bond even though he violated the terms of the protective order.

I guess I can agree with Dixon on one thing. Judge Price is corrupt.

SC judge accused of being too lenient on violent criminals has been fired from the bench

The State Reports:

"A Lowcountry judge who has increasingly been denounced by members of the legal community and victim’s families for a series of questionable judgments will lose his job come next summer.

In a 5-5 vote, Circuit Court Judge Bentley Price of Charleston was found unqualified Tuesday by the state’s Judicial Merit Selection Commission, following mounting criticisms about his judicial temperament and leniency toward criminal defendants charged with violent crimes. The commission’s vote follows a report by his peers via the South Carolina Bar Association that also concluded Price was unqualified to serve based on reputation."

As always, I am putting this before public court of opinion. SC Rep. Chris Murphy does not support judicial reform and supports Biden's catch and release program. He uses the judicial system for the benefit of his criminal clients. He makes money while doing it. 

He has said little to nothing about the weaponization of the government against President Trump. Is he just using President Trump's endorsement for what he thinks is a "shoe-in" for his re-election? Does he have the same thoughts as Nelson, Rivers, and Al Sharpton when it comes to President Trump?

Actions really do speak louder than words. See for yourself.


Chris Murphy is no friend of President Trump. Especially when he is donating to radical democrats that are affiliated with organizations that have contributed to the destruction of America.

It goes right along with his abandonment of 3, 196 votes in SC State House District 98. Time to fire Murphy. His corruption runs wider and deeper than any one of us could ever imagine. Don't forget that Murphy co-sponsored and voted for the liberal Hate Crimes Bill!

I will leave you with this last segment of GOOD news! We have a chance to retire Chris Murphy once & for all, AND correct course on Jun 11 with a vote for Greg Ford


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