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Is SC Rep. Chris Murphy Lazy? Is he a liberal? Is he corrupt? YES! YES! AND YES! Has he signed off on appropriations that are being used to fund witchcraft events in the Lowcountry that may or may not be targeting children? Does it matter to you if you are paying someone with your tax payer dollars that rarely shows up to work? 

It's difficult to find a place to begin with the horrific legacy that is SC Rep. Chris Murphy. Let's start with his laziness, and then we will begin to dig deep. Listen, you don't have to take my word for it. As usual, I am going to bring you the receipts. Add up the total amount of votes for yourself that our voice has been absent a vote in South Carolina State House District 98. 3,196! (See the numbers for yourself below)


Legislative Term 2011-2012

Talk about lazy, and that's just the 2011-2012 Legislative Term. Do you really want your elected representative - someone paid in taxpayer money - to ignore his responsibilities to serve the people of South Carolina? Just wait until you see his attendance record for the 2013-2014 Legislative Term!  

Legislative Term 2013-2014

Again, it looks like Rep. Chris Murphy has been avoiding his responsibilities by skipping work. How does he expect to get anything done for South Carolinians if he can't even bother to show up to work? Unfortunately, this trend of laziness continued during the following Legislative Term. 

Legislative Term 2015-2016

As you can see clearly for yourself, Rep. Chris Murphy has made it a trend to skip work. Would you keep this person on your payroll if you were their boss? In this case, Chris Murphy represents us, meaning we are his boss. Isn't it time he face some political consequences for skipping work so often? 

Legislative Term 2017-2018

Legislative Term 2019-2020

Legislative Term 2012-2022

Finally, we have the attendance records for the most recent Legislative Term, where Rep. Chris Murphy proved once again that he would rather be on a boat than representing the people of South Carolina. Do you really want a lazy liberal representing you at the South Carolina Capitol? 

Legislative Term 2023-2024

Alright! I have established that SC Rep. Chris Murphy is LAZY! Would you pay an employee that never shows up to work? Or would you fire them? Time to fire Chris Murphy!

Rep. Murphy has had a difficult time supporting our Second Amendment Rights. Palmetto Gun Rights had no issue calling him out on the carpet regarding this issue. It was not until he was facing an election cycle that he finally decided to support legislation to protect our 2A rights. Why did it take so long Chris? 

We were one of the only two states left in the union without a "Hate Crimes Bill" until Chris Murphy decided to join sponsorship of said legislation with Democrats and Fake Republicans. (Click Image Below to See Video)

See Chris's sponsorship of this woke agenda here in the South Carolina Hate Crime Bill: 

Murphy gets an A+ on the green new deal aka climate change: (Click Image Below to See Video)

Looks like Murphy needs another science lesson. Not sure how he passed this section in school? Chris, let me help you here. Facts...

The amount of lithium used for solar panel farms and batteries is not feasible for large scale power production and makes China rich. It is not a sustainable power generation. It is only an augmentation. A solar panel has a limited lifetime and is non-recyclable.

Wind turbines are unreliable because wind is not a constant. Additionally, the blade lifetime is limited and the blades are non-recyclable. Where do you think the energy comes from to support the wind turbines? Everything is still dependent upon the fossil fuel power generation. The ROI on a wind turbine is not sustainable because the cost to produce them exceeds the potential power generation that they would create. Not to mention the animals killed as a result of them and amount of land they have to occupy.

Life expectancy is 10 years or less. The cost to turn down a single wind turbine is over $200,000. 

Do I smell a democrat again? 

Yep. We however as Constitutional Republicans will stick to natural resources and stay clear away from ESG and the Green New Deal. 

Chris Murphy and Judicial Reform go together like oil and water. Just. Does. Not. Happen. He also voted against the $5,000 bonuses for Sheriff Deputies. Only liberals or in this case the uniparty support cutting off and restricting funding for our law enforcement. But, let's get back to his "judicial reform failures". We are only going to scratch the surface in this article. You will get the picture. 


FitsNews has done an impeccable job of following Murphy's legacy of judical reform failure.

Will Folks via FitsNews:

"On March 11, 2023, 45-year-old Lantz Lewayne Cox of Charleston, S.C. was arrested and charged with kidnapping, assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature and second degree arson following an incident involving his former girlfriend.

“I’m going to burn the whole motherfucker down,” Cox said as he held the woman against her will and set fire to furniture inside her home.

Cox also allegedly snatched his victim’s cell phone from her hands and threw it across the room – leaving her temporarily unable to call for help.

Cox was given a $90,000 surety bond on all of these charges – and one of the conditions of his bond was that he refrain from contacting his victim. He didn’t … refrain, that is. According to court documents (.pdf), Cox violated his bond on April 5, 2023 when he sent his victim flowers using an alias – and again two days later when he sent her multiple text messages.

On April 10, 2023, prosecutors in the office of S.C. first circuit solicitor David Pascoe moved to revoke Cox’s bond based on these violations – and four days later S.C. circuit court judge Maite Murphy (appropriately) accommodated this request.

What did Cox do after his bond was revoked? What anyone who has been paying attention to how “justice” works in the Palmetto State would do: He retained a powerful lawyer-legislator in Dorchester County with connections to the local judges to undo this decision.

On May 24, 2023, Cox’s new attorney – state representative Chris Murphy – filed a motion (.pdf) to reinstate his bond, claiming his client would agree to “zero tolerance for any violation of these conditions.”

The gambit worked, too …

Astoundingly – and yet totally unsurprisingly given the rampant corruption of South Carolina’s system – Taylor reinstated Cox’s bond following a court hearing last Friday (June 9, 2023). This decision (.pdf) was reached despite the defendant acknowledging he “violated the no contact order” – and despite the judge acknowledging the fact the alleged victim in this case “was present at the hearing and indicated she is afraid of (Cox) and does not wish for him to be released.”

Not only that, Taylor noted in his reinstatement order that Cox “suffers from depression” and recently “attempted suicide.”

Wait … what?

So to recap: A violent, unstable defendant who admittedly violated the conditions of his bond was released back onto the streets for no other reason than he hired a lawyer-legislator to plead his case in front of a friendly judge."

Yep, you and I are probably thinking the same thing. How crazy is it that Murphy's wife and brother were elected in as judges right after Chris was elected into the SC State House. Coincidence? Nope. FitsNews properly marked this under Nepotism

Republicans should not be opposed to Judicial Reform. Especially when it means cutting off Biden's catch and release methods. Chris has a way of siding with Biden's Catch and Release instead of actually getting violent criminals off streets and keeping them off the streets.

One mother on FaceBook named Doretta McDowell McHugh confronted Chris in a comment saying, "How about Chris Murphy pick a side? How can you make laws for the rest of us to follow and obey, while you get criminals off in your private practice? This man used his position in the legislature to delay a plea hearin 5+ years after his client killed my son. Each time the case was added to the court roster, he used his legislative immunity to keep his drunk driving killer out of prison. Then he finalged is so that they came before a disgraced and unseated Judge Bentley Price. His criminal client got a sweetheart of a deal to only serve 1 year for killing someone while he was driving drunk with a BAC of .156. This devastated our family. For me, the nightmare never ends. This is totally repugnant and wreaks of corruption. People know who you are voting for. This man has no scruples."

What does Rep. Chris Murphy have in common with getting drunks off for murder and his violent criminal clients back out on the street? Well, maybe the fact that he has battled the bottle for himself. Again, he put it out there, and it is clear that his judgment has been greatly impaired for quite some time. Let's talk more about his track record for a moment.

Murphy gets elected for his first term beginning 2011, and his wife Maite Murphy and his brother Michael H. Murphy III both conveniently become judges not long after. This type of nepotism is a disgrace and disgust to the citizens of South Carolina. Lawyer-legislators have been electing their good ole cronie friends in for quite some time, and it is wreaking havoc on our judicial system as described above. There are numerous other cases I am sure out there. I will focus only on one more particular situation in a moment. 

We have established that Rep. Murphy loves nepotism, and enjoys wielding the judicial system in favor of his criminal clients. Why is his judgment so impaired? Why would he work so hard to get a drunk off easy for murder when his BAC was .156? Well, the truth is that Murphy himself has battled the bottle for quite some time. He hit an all time low back in 2022, and he was asked to step down as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee due to his substance use disorder. His wife Maite Murphy had previously put her name in the hat for a SC Associate Supreme Court Judicial position. She withdrew her nomination not long after Murphy's public debacle with his alcohol addiction. 

South Carolina Lawmaker Who Spearheaded Abortion Bill Enters Treatment Facility

South Carolina Legislative Leader Confirms He Is Receiving Treatment For ‘Alcohol Abuse’

Rep. Murphy's judgement has been poor at best during his time at the SC State House. It was reported by Live5 News in 2022 that Chris "was absent the most, missing all or portions of 32 of 46 sessions." It was reported that he had a medical episode. Was it due to his drinking as many have previously reported? It does not seem to be too far fetched that he went to rehab following this "medical episode". Why didn't he step down? Why did he run again? What was in it for him? Apparently, quite a bit. 

Murphy made some colossal mistakes prior to his rehab visit. He blocked the "Save Women's Sports Act" sponsored by SC Rep. Ashley Burch Trantham as Chair of the Judiciary Committee. Not once, but TWICE! Rep. Trantham opted to pull the bill from the Judiciary Committee when she could not get it moved. She was successful in getting the bill to the House floor once she submitted it to the Education Committee. Chris did not seem to know what a biological woman was when the bill came to his committee, but he sure as heck figured it out when it hit the SC House floor. Interesting detail. Go figure. It was election season again. (see bill below)

Look, it is admirable to go to rehab, and to get help. However, it is less admirable and honorable to not step down, and then to thrust our tax payer dollars into the hands of your legal clients. I will get back to that in a moment.

Chris has a long history of apathy and dereliction of duty when it comes to defending and protecting the worst possible crimes against humanity and the life of the unborn. Numerous legislators from both sides of the aisle (mainly Republican) attempted to bring anti-trafficking legislation to the Judiciary Committee when he was still the Chairman. I have had multiple reports that he blocked every single one of them. Look at his voting history, and you will get it. 

Where in the world was Rep. Murphy when the democrats brought over approximately 1,000 amendments last summer to combat the heart beat bill? Where was he when there were over 200 votes taken on this issue when we have previously been a destination state for infant genocide for up to around 20 plus weeks? He was in the U.S. Virgin Islands. He didn't even try to hide it. There he is with his smug smile while other people did their job and showed up for the life of the unborn. I guess his trip was far more serious and important then the skull crushing, limb shredding, mame and torture of infants. How cruel!

I guess his motto is, "Vacation is more important then the barbaric killing of babies."


While Murphy abandoned his duty:

Approximately 6, 278 babies were aborted every hour globally. That is 301, 344 babies murdered in a 48 hour period of time. Chris decided that his vacation to the U.S. Virgin Islands was more important then defending, protecting, and preserving the life of those 301, 344 babies that were murdered in that 48 hour period of time.

Time for a reality check. Chris Murphy defends and protects murderers and criminals more than he does our babies and our children. This was in Greenville, SC! (see below) His absence speaks volumes. He sides with these barbarians when he doesn't show up to work. Remind me again why he is still in office?

Is SC Rep. Chris Murphy Corrupt? Why did he thrust our tax payer dollars into his former legal client? Are our taxpayer dollars funding witchcraft events that are targeting children? Should our pocket book be lining the pockets of Chris Murphy's legal clients? Should our pocket book be mostly funding a non-profit's salaries leaving a small margin for actual operations? Should a non-profit focused on breaking people out of substance use disorders be funded by our tax payer dollars when they are still hosting/co-hosting events with alcohol? Should those events be "totally sober"? Should a non-proft receive our tax payer dollars funding high salaries (little to no operations) all the while sitting at home most of the time?

I am putting this last bit before public court of opinion. You decide for yourself. I previously reported on this last fall. I also created a video so that you would know how to access this information for yourself. 

Chris Murphy represents Maggie Talucci in divorce proceedings beginning in 2017.

Remember Rep. Murphy went to Rehab fall of 2022. He signed off on a $250,000 appropriations request to one Maggie Talucci for Iron Wolf Recovery & Fitness EARLY 2023. Is this the same rehab that he went to? He still has not responded to this questions publicly.

Maggie Talucci requested $250,000 with over $184,000 funding mostly salaries to a "rehab & fitness recovery" program that does not have a brick and mortar location. She utilizes the space in other gyms and the fitness or wellness classes are sponsored by the gym leaving the participants a $0.00 entry fee. I don't know about you, but it is a major red flag when a non-profit wants to line their pockets with our tax payer dollars funding mostly salary with little to no room for operations.

Here is the Iron Wolf Recovery Fitness and South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services:

Here is Iron Wolf Recovery Fitness Quarter 2 Expenditure Report:

A source reported to me that allegedly Rep. Chris Murphy told Maggie to sit back and relax and this would all blow over after my initial report last fall. In fact, there have been more people speaking out publicly:

As previously reported, SC State House Representative Chris Murphy signed off on $250,000 appropriations to Iron Wolf Recovery & Fitness under owner Maggie Talucci. Maggie was a previous legal client of Representative Chris Murphy in 2017-2018 for divorce as I reported late last year. Maggie’s second lawyer for the 2021 court case was now Judge Mandy Kimmons. Rep. Murhpy’s judgment continues to be impaired. Should our pocket book be lining the pockets of Chris Murphy’s legal clients? Should our pocket book be mostly funding a non-profit’s salaries leaving a small margin for actual operations? Should a non-profit focused on breaking people out of substance use disorders be funded by our tax payer dollars when they are still hosting and co-hosting events with alcohol? Should these events be “totally sober”? Is this the same rehab program that Murphy attended? PREVIOUS CROSSFIT FOXDEN CO-OWNER SPEAKS OUT! SEE RECEIPTS BELOW. Read More.

Multiple tips and public comments continued to explode with this corrupt debacle. I wanted to know for myself if Maggie was indeed working and doing as much as with our tax payer dollars as she claimed throughout her website and social media sites. Let me tell you that I was not shocked when I received this report back. She seems to stay home most of the time...except for when she puts her personal life on public display. Again, don't take my word for it. See the thorough private investigation report below (thankful to this team of investigators) :

And now...our tax payer dollars are funding  witchcraft events that declare "Let go of everything you think we know about your life, God, other people...etc..." Events that embrace witchcraft and even target children...


I did not sign up for my money to be frivolously spent or subscribed to a doctrine of witchcraft and demons. I am guessing you did not either. This should be more than enough for you to NOT vote for Rep. Chris Murphy with his Lazy, Liberal, and Corrupt Legacy. 


Vote Greg Ford for SC-98



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