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Who is this candidate Kyle White running for SC House District 6? Well, I thought I would call him myself and find out. I have brought you all of the receipts. Please tune into the audio above. You can also hear it anywhere you get your podcast (Apple, Spotify, iHeart Radio, and 10 other networks). 

Candidate Kyle White can't seem to get his stories straight. He is a BOLD faced liar. Let's get a few details squared away before we delve into Kyle. Check out his voting record. You will remember he said on a recording (receipt will be posted further below) that he had never voted in any primaries except Republican primaries. Then, 2 days later he changed his story and said he "proudly voted in the democratic primary". Kyle, which one is it? 

You might not be a Republican if you support voting for the opposite party in a primary. This is a losing argument. The primaries should be closed. You heard in the audio conversation above what Kyle thought about open primaries. He's supportive. He was also not very convincing on whether or not the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump and the American people. He seems to need more time to vet the media sources.

Mr. White continues to change his story wherever the wind blows. He can't decide if he voted in the democratic primary or not. That's why I posted his voting record above, and downloaded the video below from SC. Rep. April Cromer's X page. She and her team were steps ahead of me. I was going to give you all of his slip-ups. Ahem. Lies. Why re-invent the wheel? Rep. Cromer and her team did an excellent job capturing all of it. 

Click the image below and see the video of his lies.

I guess my other concern is about this whole SC GOP House Caucus loyalty pledge. Last year I had several sources report to me about a back door meeting that took place within the SC GOP State House Caucus. I mentioned this at a Dorchester County GOP business meeting. SC. Rep. Gil Gatch asked me who I received that information from. He did not deny it. He only questioned who my source was. In the first mentioned meeting above, the Republican State House Representatives were allegedly told that they must sign the caucus loyalty pledge to remain in the House caucus. They were also allegedly advised that if they signed the loyalty pledge then they would receive around $50,000 for their campaign coffers. The loyalty pledge is nearly the only one in the country Democrat or Republican to ever exist. The loyalty pledge would, if signed, pledge loyalty to the party over the United States and SC Constitutions and the SC Citizen Constituents. For this reason, there were approximately 18 South Carolina Freedom Caucus members that refused to sign it. The argument from the SC House GOP Caucus became a laughable one. They argued that they wanted the pledge signed to show loyalty to their other Republican colleagues in the event one of them was challenged in the primary. Basically, they wanted to have each other's back regardless of their voting record or moral standards. They kicked out anyone who refused to kowtow or bow to a corrupt agenda, and actually remember that their oath to the U.S. and SC Constitutions actually meant something.

I asked Kyle and I propose a question to you. Is it not the responbility of the Republican Party to hold accountable and challenge their colleagues if they do not vote constitutionally, morally, or in alignment of the Republican Party platform? Why then did they not even honor the pledge they signed?

They couldn't even honor their own oath to themselves and to their colleagues. Now, their other argument is that the South Carolina Freedom Caucus members are no longer Republicans because they walked away from the SC GOP House Caucus. That's a lie. They kicked them out. Big difference.


I beg to differ. Who is actually not the Republicans in this case? Why would a true Republican recruit liberal democrats supported by Big Pharma and the alphabet soup gang to run against their stauncher conservative colleagues in the SC State House? Is it because they really aren't Republicans and that they think they are the experts? And, is it also true that they don't think it's the public's job to be involved in their own government? This is a talking point of the uni-party corrupt criminals. Trust us they say. Trust the science they said. Look where that landed us. Fauci admits now that he was wrong. This is after many have died due to the COVID-19 medical treatments administered in the hospital, and many have been injured or died from the COVID-19 shot. AKA the clot shot. 

This is the dark money group called the Palmetto Truth Project that has been in cahoots with SC GOP House Caucus.

Remind me who is the government? My cousin, Thomas Jefferson penned one of the most beautiful documents I have ever read. The Declaration of Independence. 

An excerpt in case someone needs a reminder:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

My question remains the same. Why are so called Republicans (who really are Democrats) saying that you should just trust them and its not your job to worry. Indeed, they are wrong because our original dna of this nation is such that we are a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. 

Yet, the SC House GOP Caucus is recruiting those who hate our country's beautiful foundation to fund and run against their conservative colleagues. Why? Because they are embarrassed, shamed, and do not want to give the government back to the people. They thrive on lining their pompous pockets and their clients and friends pockets. 



It's okay for SC Rep. Micah Caskey to make jokes about masturbation on the SC State House floor with no censure or reprimand from SC Speaker of the House Murrell Smith and the SC GOP caucus during the time the "Help Not Harm Bill" was being brought to the House floor for a vote. Yep, you read that right. Caskey was making jokes about masturbation (check the SC State House archives) during a time the SC State House was voting to ban the chopping off of South Carolina children's penis' and breasts. How barbaric.

SC. Rep. April Cromer joined the South Carolina Freedom Caucus in shutting down the chemical castration and sterilization clinic at Medical Univesrity of South Carolina in the summer of 2022 OUT of session. Where was the SC GOP House Caucus on this? Crickets.

What about abortion? Well, Kyle White defends the criminal acts of a man that rapes a girl or woman and blames the criminal acts on the life of a precious unborn baby. Listen to the audio at the top. Yep, Kyle's stance is that it is the baby's fault that his/her mother was raped, and deserves the death penalty. Yet, that was his argument against the SC Freedom Caucus. He argued on the audio with something that is not even legislation. YIKES!

Kyle's stance that a baby conceived in rape or incest has zero value versus a baby conceived in love. God doesn't make mistakes, and he definitely would not agree with Kyle White defending the woman's right to choose life or death for their baby.

How barbaric and evil to even conclude that a baby deserves to have his/her skull crushed with forceps in pieces, shredded limb to limb, maimed, tortured, and murdered.

This is who the SC House GOP Caucus recruited to run against someone who believes in life with zero exceptions. 

A vote for this defender of baby genocide is a vote for the devil. Kyle is a liar, and deserves no seat in office. Ever. 

Please share this article far and wide. Let the lies of Kyle White and the SC House GOP Caucus be exposed. Remember to listen to the audio at the top, and share that as well.

Vote and support like the lives of our children depend on it. The precious lives of the unborn will meet their ultimate demise if Kyle White is voted into office.

We are at a precipice in South Carolina and in America. Look at President Donald J. Trump. They came after him, and now they are coming after us.

Vote for SC Rep. April Cromer for State House District 6. She will continue to fight for the defense, protection, and preservation of God, family, and country.

Also, be sure to catch General's Flynn Vindication Movie! Flynn: Deliver the Truth. Whatever the Cost.


God Bless!








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