Indiana And Idaho Ban Trans Treatments For Minors
Idaho and Indiana became the latest Republican-led states to implement bans on sex-change-related treatment for minors. Read More.
ProPublica Exposes Clarence Thomas: He Has A Rich Friend!
The smearing of Clarence Thomas has been unprecedented. And, as Democrats work to delegitimize the court, it's only going to get worse. Read More.
Trump Indictment Accelerates America’s Race to the Bottom
From the IRS scandal to the Jan. 6, 2021, riots, partisans on both sides tear down national norms. Read More.
Watch Live: Crowd Gathering in Manhattan Ahead of Trump Arraignment
Pro- and anti-Trump demonstrators and media are gathering in Manhattan ahead of former Donald Trump's arraignment Tuesday afternoon. Livestream courtesy | Politics Read More.
Team Biden presses ahead with incandescent light bulb ban weeks after targeting gas stoves
Some skin, eye and biology experts warn that the modern light fixtures could lead to serious adverse health affects. Read More.
He ‘Hates Me’: What You Should Know About The New York Judge Assigned To Trump Case
Acting New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan will preside over the hush money prosecution of former President Donald Trump despite his history of rulings against the businessman-turned-politician’s associates. Read More.
Trump To Be Arraigned Next Week In Manhattan
Former President Donald Trump will be arraigned in a Manhattan courthouse on Tuesday afternoon after being indicted this week, court officials said on Friday. Read More.
Kari Lake announces Maricopa County won't let her legal team inspect ballot signatures
Lake has vowed to take her election lawsuit all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary. Read More.
Nashville Shooting, WSJ Poll Reveal Rot in the Soul of America
Current events only underscore how little Americans trust one another, and every potential answer to this polarization seems trite. Read More.
School libraries across the country adding 'woke' books on gender and white supremacy
The GOP-controlled House passed the Parents Bill of Rights Act that would require schools to give parents a list of books in the school library. Read More.
'I think our country is dead': Trump explains why he's running for president again
Former President Donald Trump did not hold back when he was asked about why he was eager to return to the Oval Office in 2024, saying, "I think our country is dead." Read More.
Come Again? 'Ethics-First' Investment Firm Gobbles Up Pornhub
A private equity firm that touts its "ethics-first" investing strategy made a splash this week by bagging the world's most popular porn website. Even more surprising is the fact that both entities have links to the largely irrelevant country of Canada. Read More.
Disney World Florida to host world's largest LGBT+ conference
The Walt Disney Company is listed as a top partner on the organization's website. Read More.
Democrats Losing Battle Over Texas School Choice Bill
Overwhelming support for parental rights and school choice flood the Texas Statehouse before SB 8 clears the Senate Education Commmittee. Read More.
Texas bill would ban gain-of-function research, fine violators, require leak mitigation plans
Public health watchdog praises bill as "possible model for other states." NIH accused of stonewalling release of docs including NIH-DARPA "self-spreading vaccines." Read More.

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