Let’s Make America Exceptional Again!
Let’s Make America Exceptional Again! Read More.
Manchin Takes Dead Aim at Biden’s Agenda
There’s an old Appalachian Christmas tradition in which children throw their wish lists into a fireplace in hopes fairies will bring the embers to Santa Claus. Read More.
How Joe Biden Effectively Ended Deportations
President Joe Biden’s disastrous performance as president does not simply happen by accident; it takes planning. Read More.
Mace and Greene keep feuding, despite McCarthy’s effort to intervene
The two first-term House Republicans have been attacking each other. Read More.
Bill Gates Admits that Coronavirus Vaccines “Only Slightly” Reduce Transmission
Globalist oligarch Bill Gates made a candid admission about the nature of coronavirus vaccines speaking last month at an event of the British think tank Policy Exchange, stating that the medicine “only slightly” reduces the actual spread of coronavirus. Read More.
Biden stretches the truth on key issues
Joe Biden tried to spin several concerns for Americans during a recent interview. He sat down with a reporter Tuesday, but seemingly avoided responsibility for key issues. Read More.
UPenn Parents Plead with NCAA to Change Rules After Trans Swimmer Dominates Women’s Competition
Parents of the University of Pennsylvania women’s swim team have written a letter urging the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to change its rules on transgender athletes in response to Lia Thomas – a biological male – dominating the competition. Read More.
Haitian gang releases remaining kidnapped missionaries that included 16 Americans
The missionaries were part of a group kidnapped in October by an armed Haitian gang Read More.
What does my opponent think about abortion? Listen for yourself!
What does my opponent think about abortion? Listen for yourself! Read More.
Interview with Charleston County Teacher Gabby Who Is Taking A Bold Stand!
Interview with Charleston County Teacher Gabby Who Is Taking A Bold Stand and Fighting For Freedom & Our Children Read More.
Lynz Piper Loomis For Congress
Are you sick of communism? Join the Liberty movement with Lynz! Read More.
Debt Means Servitude
The national debt is about to top $30,000,000,000,000. That is a lot of zeros. Some analysts, like iVoteAmerica, have predicted that we will reach $40 trillion in debt by the 2024 election. Currently, every person in the United States owns about $87,000 of that debt. Read More.
The Education Revival
Education is a top priority for families in South Carolina, District 1. Like many of the institutions of government, it appears that the trend in our government-operated education system is moving away from academic excellence. Read More.
America is Calling!
America is stumbling. Our direction seems to be random as we shift to a new compass point with every change in government. Of course, the citizens can sense that the nation is on a perilous course. Almost everyone agrees, we are not the country we used to be. We have changed. Our priorities have shifted from the root values that made America great and guided it to its place as the most exceptional country in history. Read More.

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