If Your Kids Are Unhappy, Take Them To Church
A huge burden could be lifted from our children if they had a place to go each week that offered them grace and refuge from anxiety. Read More.
Republicans enter 2023 divided from within
As Republicans prepare to take control of the House next week and begin eyeing opportunities to retake the White House in 2024, the party may first have to deal with growing intraparty divisions that could dampen its momentum. Read More.
Several States are Taking Action Against Child Sex Changes
Republican-controlled states are finally growing a pair. Read More.
U.S.-trained Afghan troops working to join Russia's war in Ukraine
Thousands of U.S.-trained Afghan troops are reportedly considering joining Russian forces as mercenaries to fight in Ukraine as they face a life of poverty in Iran. Read More.
TikTok Banned From Devices Issued By U.S. House Of Representatives
The popular video-sharing app TikTok has been banned from devices issued by the U.S. House of Representatives, according to a notice sent to House personnel. Read More.
Joe Biden’s Top 15 Most Outlandish Lies
President Joe Biden has lied a lot before and during his presidency. Here are the top 15 most outlandish lies from his career. Read More.
Trump tells Republicans to vote against 'disaster' omnibus spending bill as deal struck
Former President Donald Trump weighed in on the goverment omnibus spending bill just hours before the midnight deadline, urging Republicans to vote against the "disaster" legislation. Read More.
A 12-Day Guide To Feasting On The Bible This Christmas
If you wish to give yourself peace, hope, and joy this Christmas season, give yourself the gift of reading the Bible. Read More.
How This Mother Rescued Her Daughter From Woke 'Cult' After College
In gender studies classes, the college student learned about the “patriarchy and the oppression that we experience in this country." Read More.
6 Falsehoods From DHS’ Post-Title 42 Immigration Plan
Biden, Harris, and Mayorkas own both the current border chaos as well as what happens after Dec. 21, when they can no longer use Title 42. Read More.
As an autistic Canadian, I worry about my country's support of assisted suicide
Eligibility for "medical assistance in dying" under Canadian law seems to expand every day. The concept of assisted suicide for people with incurable diseases has grown more and more permissive, up to the point at which, akin to Belgium, people will soon be able to ask for euthanasia simply for… Read More.
Biden Signs Radical Respect for Marriage Act Into Law
President Joe Biden has signed the so-called Respect for Marriage Act into law, spurning warnings the act will impede religious freedom. Read More.
Joe Biden: Republican Bans on Transgender Surgeries for Children Connected to Anti-Semitism
President Joe Biden said Tuesday at the White House that Republican bans on transgender surgeries are connected to anti-semitism. Read More.
Lynz at Mar- a-Lago: America's Future Speech
WATCH: Lynz gave a passionate speech on America's Future at President Trump's Mar-a-Lago! Read More.

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