Weaponization of Government Against the American People at the LOCAL LEVEL.... Read More.
LETTER: Proposed law sparks First Amendment debate
Proposed law sparks First Amendment debate Under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, people cannot be prosecuted simply for their beliefs. People may be offended or upset about beliefs that are untrue or based on false stereotypes. Read More.
Trump Raises Over $50 Million in Record-Breaking Fundraiser
Former President Donald Trump’s campaign reportedly raised a record-breaking $50.5 million on Saturday during a major fundraiser in Florida. Read More.
DOD Sued After Covering Obama-Era Order that Could Exonerate Trump
America First Legal (AFL) filed a lawsuit against the Department of Defense (DOD), calling for the agency to release information relating to the “secretive Presidential Information Technology Committee (PITC) created by former President Barack Obama.” Read More.
Mindset of Breaking Free | Lynz Piper-Loomis
What was our frame of mind when we were raped? Why didn't we just say "no"? Why did we wait so long to talk about it? Read More.
IRS Investigation Finds COVID Fraud Reaches Nearly $9 Billion
The IRS has investigated more than 1,600 cases of COVID fraud and indicted 795 people for such crimes as of February 29. Read More.
Virginia County to Honor ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’ On Easter
Virginia’s Fairfax County voted to celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility on March 31. Read More.
Entitlement & Accountability
Exposure, transparency, and accountability. Read More.
Courage, an American Virtue: General Michael Flynn
Americans have a long history of courage, boldly defending their beliefs with unwavering resolve. Boldness isn’t about being loud or contentious; it’s about fearlessly standing for truth, even when difficult. Today, it’s more crucial than ever not to remain silent as threats to freedom loom. Read More.
BOOM! Jamie Raskin Fumes After Hunter Biden’s Business Partner Attacks Democrats Raskin and Goldman for Lying on Behalf of Biden Crime Family
Former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski blasted Representatives Jamie Raskin and Don Goldman today in his opening statement before the House Oversight Committee. Read More.
Charges Dropped Against Gold Star Dad For Shouting at Biden During SOTU
Democratic attorney general Brian Schwalb has dropped charges against Gold Star father Steve Nikoui for disrupting Congress during President Biden’s State of the Union speech earlier this month. Read More.
Pediatric Trans Clinic Closes Following Proposal Banning Sex-Change
A pediatric transgender clinic associated with The Medical University of South Carolina has closed following the South Carolina Freedom Caucus (SCFC) filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and proposing a law banning sex-change operations. Read More.
Incumbent SC Rep Timmons hit with resurfaced videos of apparent support of DEI in Congress
An incumbent South Carolina Republican lawmaker is under fire after resurfaced videos show his apparent support for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the halls of Congress. Read More.
Trump Campaign Rejects Effort to Have RNC Pay His Legal Bills
Former President Donald Trump’s campaign has made it clear that the Republican National Committee (RNC) will not be covering any legal fees associated with his four pending criminal cases or other civil cases. Read More.

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