The Supreme Court 'Ethics' Scandal Is The New Russia Hoax
Much like the fake Russia conspiracy, the effort to destroy the Supreme Court is a highly coordinated partisan effort. Read More.
DeSantis to unveil plan to 'rip' wokeness 'out of the military'
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican presidential candidate, will formally unveil his "mission first" military policy in South Carolina on Tuesday. Read More.
The Senate Is Coming for Your Credit Card
Everyone who cares about small businesses should oppose the Big Box Bait and Switch bill making its way through Congress. Read More.
Ethics Complaint Filed Against Rep. Who Slurred Whistleblowers
Kash Patel's attorney filed an ethics complaint against Rep. Dan Goldman and simultaneously sent a referral to the Department of Justice. Read More.
Trans-Identifying Male Medals In Women’s Race At World Para Athletics Championships
Valentina Petrillo, an Italian man who identifies as a woman, took third place in the women’s 400-meter T12 race at the 2023 Paris World Para Athletics Championships. Read More.
I was a Democratic state representative — here's why I joined the GOP
Since 2021, Rep. Mesha Mainor has been a member of Georgia’s House of Representatives serving the 56th district as a Democrat. Recently, she quit the Democratic Party this week and became a Republican Read More.
Education Has Reached Peak Absurdity, But There Is Hope
It didn’t seem possible that school could get more ridiculous than me as a fourth grader hiding under my desk with a three-inch-thick textbook on my head to protect my noggin from a tornado or nuclear fallout. Read More.
IRS Whistleblowers To Testify On Alleged Biden Family Influence Peddling Schemes
Two IRS whistleblowers are set to testify before the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability as Republican lawmakers continue to investigate alleged international influence peddling by the Biden family. Read More.
On Biden's watch, Lady Justice has been weaponized. But Merrick Garland can't do this one thing
In the Justice Department under Attorney General Merrick Garland there appears to be one rule: protect the boss' son, even if it means sacrificing the Constitution and the country. Read More.
13 Reasons Joe Biden Isn’t An ‘Ethical’ President
Time magazine is trying to convince us that Joe Biden is an ‘ethical’ president, but his actions prove otherwise. Read More.
Florida AG Asks Zuckerberg To Testify On Human Traffickers’ Reported Use Of Facebook
Florida Republican Attorney General Ashley Moody wrote a letter to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg this week asking the billionaire to testify about the alleged use of Facebook by human traffickers. Read More.
EXCLUSIVE: House GOP Is About To Drop A Massive Report Alleging That Biden’s DHS Chief Broke The Law
Mark Green is set to release a lengthy report detailing his initial findings of his probe into Mayorkas that details ways he believes he broke the law. Read More.
Questions Over Hunter Biden Probe Swirl Around Prosecutor Lesley Wolf. Here’s What You Need To Know.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf is a central figure in the investigation into Hunter Biden and is alleged to have stymied investigators and aided the Biden family. Read More.
Censorship Is More Dangerous Than Disinformation
The First Amendment is under assault by the very people entrusted to protect it. The Biden administration and the corporate media removed any doubt about this after a July 4 ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Terry A. Doughty. Read More.
‘It’s A Simple Question’: CNBC Host Shuts Down Dem Who Awkwardly Tries To Avoid Tough Biden Question
CNBC’s Joe Kernen shut down Democratic New Jersey Rep. Josh Gottheimer on Monday after he awkwardly tried to dodge a tough question on “Bidenomics.” Read More.

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