BREAKING: Chris Christie Caught on Hot Mic TRASHING DeSantis, Nikki Haley Ahead of Dropout Announcement: “She’s Gonna Get Smoked!” (AUDIO)
Oh my! Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is reportedly going to make an announcement he is dropping out of the 2024 presidential race on Wednesday evening. Read More.
SecDef Lloyd Austin Update: Inspector General to Investigate Mishandling of Absence; First Democrat Calls for Resignation
Defense Department Inspector General Robert Storch announced on Wednesday he is opening an investigation into the mishandling of the secret absence of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, 70, while he was operated on for prostate cancer in December and then hospitalized with complications in January. Read More.
SC Politics: Stifling of Free Speech
There has been a war waged against the citizens of South Carolina yet again. Read More.
Disgust With South Carolina Uni-Party
Rules Committee: Proposed Rule Changes That Will Steal the Voice of #WEThePeople Even More Read More.
BREAKING: Chaos Erupts After Hunter Biden STORMS OUT of Congressional Hearing As Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls Him Out (VIDEO)
Hunter Biden on Wednesday showed up for the House Committee hearing on the pending resolution to hold him in contempt of Congress after he refused to comply with a congressional subpoena. Read More.
BREAKING: Nancy Mace Rips Into Hunter Biden Following His Surprise Appearance at the House Hearing for Holding Him in Contempt: “Hunter Biden Should be Arrested Right Here, Right Now, and Go Straight to Jail”
The U.S. House of Representatives descended into disorder as Hunter Biden made an unexpected appearance during a session convened to discuss advancing a vote on holding him in contempt for failing to comply with a subpoena. Read More.
New Documents Reveal Bill Clinton Allegedly Stormed into Vanity Fair’s Office and Threatened Staff if They Wrote Sex Trafficking Stories Against His “Good Friend” Jeffrey Epstein
As Jim Hoft previously noted, a new trove of Giuffre v. Maxwell documents was released to the Gateway Pundit tonight Thursday night, January 4, after 6 PM. Read More.
Nikki Haley Attacked After Video Shows Her Mocking Iowa Voters Just Before Crucial GOP Caucuses
I guess Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley subscribes to the stereotype that Iowans are better at picking corn than presidents. Or so her attempt at humor at a recent campaign event would lead you to believe. Read More.
Investigator and Attorney Mike Cernovich: Jeffrey Epstein Was an Asset of the FBI
On Wednesday, Judge Loretta Preska confirmed the release of the initial names from Jeffrey Epstein’s extensive client list, comprising over 150 individuals. Concurrently, a collection of previously sealed documents was made public. Read More.
BREAKING: President Trump Takes the Gloves Off, Asks the Court to Hold Jack Smith in Contempt For Violating Order
President Trump’s attorneys on Thursday asked the Court to hold Special Counsel Jack Smith in contempt for violating Judge Chutkan’s order staying all proceedings in the January 6 case against Trump. Read More.
Awareness of Perspective | The Object of Your Affection Becomes Your Reality or Area of Focus
What has captured your affection? What reality do you behold? What are you most captivated by? Where is your focus? Read More.
IT’S HAPPENING! J6 Defendant Victoria White BRUTALIZED AND BEATEN By DC Police Officers Files LAWSUIT Against Police and SUES Republican Speaker Mike Johnson to Investigate January 6! “The Officer Called Me a BITCH Then Hit Me”
Victoria Charity White is a peaceful protester that was brutally beaten to a bloody pulp by a D.C. police officer during the January 6th protest. Victoria was later arrested in a FBI raid on her home, and sentenced to jail time for “interfering with law enforcement officers during a civil disorder.” Read More.
Analysis: Legal Scholar Asserts U.S. Constitution Disqualifies Nikki Haley from Presidential or Vice-Presidential Candidacy
Paul Ingrassia, has reignited the fiery debate over what it means to be a “natural born citizen” under the U.S. Constitution—a debate with significant implications for potential presidential candidate Nikki Haley. Read More.
LA HELL: Former 90210 Star Actor Jumped and Viciously Attacked by Urban Bikers While His Daughter Cries in the Car – Actor Reveals What Sparked the Attack and Blasts Law Enforcement
A brutal attack by a gang of bikers in California on an actor from a famous TV show has gone viral on social media, and now the actor is speaking out. Read More.

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