We need a new Sheriff in town for Dorchester County, and it is Mike Turner! Mike Turner received a highly coveted national endorsement from America's Sheriff (retired) Richard Mack:

" It has become abundantly clear that our country is suffering from extreme corruption and the people are asking 
what in the world can be done about it? The first thing we must do is STOP voting for the same ol' people who 
refuse to stand for Freedom. Our Constitution is on her deathbed, and we need Sheriffs who have the guts to
fight to revive her. Michael Turner will be that Sheriff! You can depend on Mike to protect you and your families
from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Vote for America, Vote for Liberty, Vote for Michael Turner for
Dorchester County Sheriff."

Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret)
Founder of Constitutional Sheriffs

Now, the question remains for some of you: Who do you vote for?

Charleston County needs a new sheriff as well! Carl Ritchie will be the Constitutional Sheriff who will defend, protect, and preserve our Constitutional Rights as well as our individual liberties.

If you are in the LowCountry, we need to get behind the SC Freedom Caucus candidates and members. There is a battle to keep large government in the hands of corrupt politicians and to steal every individual liberty left that we have. Who does the government belong to again? It should be the people.

Who gives us our rights? Our unalienable rights have been endowed to us by our Creator. Not the government.

If you live in Dorchester County or Berkeley County:

- Ralph Elsey for SC House District 102 (Harriet Holman has not lived in the district at filing as the SC Law and SC Constitution state as well as the party platform).

- Jody Bohman in place of Gary Brewer who co-sponsored, supported, and promoted a communist, un-American, and unconstitutional Hate Crimes Bill. He said there was a special place in hell for opposition. Yep, that's how he rants and raves at his constituents. Jody is a Christian woman who understands she serves you, and her oath is to the Constitution.

- Greg Ford in place of Chris Murphy. Chris doesn't show up for work. 3,196 times during his time in office. Chris was putting out signs during the storm last night and begging for your vote this morning, while Greg Ford was helping in a dark hour to clear trees from roadways and people's homes in his district. Do you want selfish, self-serving people, or do you want someone who puts others before self? Greg understands that because he served his country valiantly overseas. He knows duty and honor. Chris abandons duty and has no honor.

I am supporting Congresswoman Nancy Mace. While I do not agree with her on some issues, she is a fighter and is straight up. Catherine Templeton is a part of Kevin McCarthy's revenge tour. She has lied left and right. She thinks you can solve the border crisis by changing just one word in legislation. She took credit for passing laws that she never authored nor served in a capacity to pass said laws. I am supporting Rep. Mace because she supports Trump's policies. I have seen her change more of her narrative regarding January 6th and what happened that day in America.

Look across the state and see how desperate the uni-party is to keep their power. Look how hard they want to keep the government out of your hands.

Pay attention to how you vote today. Our lives, our children's lives, and the life of South Carolina are on the line now more than ever. Grab your friends and family and get them to the polls. Even if it's not your district. Get them to the polls.

I have posted copies of all the articles I have written exposing the charades of the deep state over the course of the last several weeks. Make your voice and vote count for truth. Which side of history do you want to be on?

We will save our state and our country first through 2 Chronicles 7:14, "14 and My people who are called by My name humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."


By you looking in the mirror and realizing you are a solution and we are the government. Take back your voice today!
God Bless.

In Liberty, 










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